Big Brother 2015: Who Should Win? (POLL)

It all ends tomorrow on Big Brother 17. The season started with 17 houseguests, and now only three remain. Each of them played the game in some capacity. When Big Brother 2015 started, it seemed like Vanessa Rousso would just effortlessly take control of the game. This was not the case.

BB17-Final 6

Vanessa controlled a major part of the game. However, she did not have the game completely under her control. This might cost her, her game, because she made quite a few players mad, including her closest ally. Austin Matelson received the biggest blindside of the season.
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Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 11? (POLL)

On tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode, Austin Matelson won the Veto and removed himself from the block. Next, Head of Household Steve Moses was force to nominate a replacement. This move put sister against sister on the block.


Julia Nolan went on the block next to Liz Nolan. Originally, the plan was to evict Liz this week because she was better at competitions. However, Austin convinced the twins to keep Liz and let Julia go the jury house.

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Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 10? (POLL)

Tomorrow night either Meg Maley or Julia Nolan will be evicted from the Big Brother 17 house. Right now, the odds seem heavily in favor of a Meg eviction. However, on Big Brother 2015 anything can happen.

BB17: Julia Nolan and MEg Maley

Most of the Big Brother 17 players want to evict Meg to free James Huling from their alliance. They hope that without Meg, James will be more open to form new alliances. Head of Household Vanessa Rousso worries that once Meg leaves, James will gun for her head.

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Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 9? (POLL)

It is now official that either John “Johnny Mac” McGuire or Steve Moses leaves the Big Brother 17 house tomorrow. Steve and John have played similar Big Brother 2015 games. They have stayed in the background, while waiting to gain enough power to strike.

BB17-John vs Steve

Steve has been a solid part of the Freaks and Geeks alliance. He has remained true to them throughout the game. His only other ally has been John.

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Big Brother 2015: Which Juror Should Return (POLL)?

On Thursday’s Big Brother 2015 episode, one of the first three jury members, plus John “Johnny Mac” McGuire or Steve Moses, will get the chance to return to the game. Each juror has a chance to really shake up the Big Brother 17 house.


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Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 8? (POLL)

Tomorrow night, either Becky Burgess or John “Johnny Mac” McGuire leave the Big Brother 2015 house. They become the third member of the Big Brother 17 jury. The secret alliance members will become another victim of the splitting up pairs trend this season. Unlike most of the other pairs, Becky and Johnny Mac worked hard to keep their alliance secret. Their efforts failed because this week it all crashes apart.

BB17: Becky and John

Becky’s Big Brother game started to unravel when she tried to evict Vanessa Rousso. Becky’s alliance members betrayed her by not sticking to this plan. This meant that Vanessa stayed and Becky became vulnerable for eviction.

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Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 6? (POLL)

This week, Big Brother 2015’s Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt find themselves on the chopping block. The Big Brother 17 Power of Veto ceremony secured their fates. One of them will definitely leave this week on Big Brother. However, we may witness the closest vote yet.

BB17: Clay vs Shelli

Clay tried to make the ultimate Big Brother sacrifice this week: he told everyone to keep Shelli over him. This directly goes against James Huling‘s agenda. James wants Shelli out. She is more of a physical threat to everyone’s Big Brother 2015 game.

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Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 5? (POLL)

Throughout Big Brother 17, houseguests have fought hard to stay in the game. They have all failed. Only Jeff Weldon came semi-close to flipping the votes, with a 4-7 eviction. But in Big Brother 2015 anything can happen, so Jason Roy‘s game could be far from over.

BB17: Jason Roy

Becky Burgess seems like a safe bet to stay on Thursday. However, Jason has two votes guaranteed, maybe even three. Becky has a guaranteed one vote. The rest of the Sixth Sense alliance should not vote Becky out, but their once tight alliance grows less steady daily.

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Big Brother 2015: Will Shelli Backdoor Audrey? (POLLS)

Since becoming Head of Household for a second time on Big Brother 2015, Shelli Poole started to question her alliance with Audrey Middleton.

In week 2, Shelli went against the Big Brother 17 house’s wishes and saved Audrey. Last week, Vanessa Rousso did the same. Now it is a very different week in the Big Brother 2015 house.

Big Brother 17: Audrey

Shelli and her alliance members, Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, Clay Honeycutt, Austin Matelson, and Vanessa, started the week with a plan to evict Jason Roy. Audrey wasn’t even on their Big Brother radar. Per usual, Audrey let paranoid thoughts control her head.

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