Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Will Austin Channel Judas and Betray Liz?

Early this morning, James Huling thought of a brilliant Big Brother 2015 plan. James is finally ready to play the Big Brother 17 game in a sneaky way. However, does his plan have a chance?

BB17: Clown Austin and Vanessa

Around 4am, James discussed with Meg Maley the idea of evicting Julia Nolan this week instead of her. The plan involves getting Austin Matelson to vote to evict Julia. He would also need John “Johnny Mac” McGuire to agree to vote against Julia as well.

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Big Brother 2015: Week 10 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

On Big Brother 2015, Vanessa Rousso made the no-so bold move of nominating James Huling and Meg Maley. She planned to evict James. However, she was really all right with either of them being evicted on Big Brother 17. Her plan got foiled due to this week’s Power of Veto competition.

BB17-Vanessa, Meg, and James

In the “Hide and Go Veto” competiton, players had to hide their chips. Next, they needed to run through the Big Brother 2015 house looking for other players’ chips. The houseguest that kept their chip hidden the longest won the competition.

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Big Brother 2015: Week 10 Power of Veto Results

Friday, Vanessa Rousso nominated the only two players in the Big Brother 2015 house not on her side. She made it clear that she wanted them out. Vanessa usually gets what she wants on Big Brother 17. However, could something finally not go her way?


This morning, veto players were picked. Those chosen ones are Head of Household Vanessa, nominees Meg Maley and James Huling, Austin Matelson, Liz Nolan, and Julia Nolan. A few hours ago, the Power of Veto competition began. [Read more…]

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 10 Nomination Results-On the Outside

On Thursday night, Vanessa Rousso became the new Big Brother 17 Head of Household. She immediately began game talk. She started by diffusing Austin Matelson. This week, he angrily wanted to take another shot at John “Johnny Mac” McGuire. Vanessa had other plans in mind on Big Brother 2015.

BB17-The Goblins

She wanted to build a new super alliance. This alliance would be comprised of Austin, Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, Johnny Mac, and Steve Moses. Her plan was to keep both fractions of the group believing they were her main allies. In the end, we will only see where Vanessa really stands in a few weeks.

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Are the Goblins in Danger of Eviction?

Last night on Big Brother 2015 something unexpected happened. No we are not talking about the revolving door returning juror competition. Nor are we talking about the possible Steve Moses, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, and Vanessa Rousso Big Brother 17 alliance. We are talking about Vanessa picking a decision and staying true to it.

BB17-Vanessa Week 10

On Big Brother 2015, Vanessa became the newest Head of Household, after battling against Johnny Mac. She immediately solidified their secret alliance. He wants them to stay enemies in public, but work together undercover.

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Week 10 Head of Household Results

Last night’s Big Brother 17 episode ended in suspense. The remaining seven houseguests were fighting for power, while the jury members were fighting for a second life. The night ended in a battle against the returnee and a current Big Brother 17 houseguest.


In the “Dizzyland” competition, houseguests spun around on a wire. The last houseguest remaining on the wire became the newest Head of Household. The final jury member in the game, also got the chance to become Head of Household, along with reentering the game.

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers: Who Returns to the Game?

On Thursday, Big Brother 2015 ended with Jackie Ibarra, Becky Burgess, Shelli Poole, and John “Johnny Mac” McGuire reentering the house. They would fight it out for a second chance at the Big Brother 17 game.

BB17-Juror Comp

CBS pumped up the jurors’ return as an epic battle for revenge. Shelli wanted revenge on her alliance for betraying her and showmance partner Clay Honeycutt. Jackie wanted revenge on Steve Moses for taking her out the game. She also wanted to take out Vanessa Rousso for masterminding her demise.

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Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 9? (POLL)

It is now official that either John “Johnny Mac” McGuire or Steve Moses leaves the Big Brother 17 house tomorrow. Steve and John have played similar Big Brother 2015 games. They have stayed in the background, while waiting to gain enough power to strike.

BB17-John vs Steve

Steve has been a solid part of the Freaks and Geeks alliance. He has remained true to them throughout the game. His only other ally has been John.

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Big Brother 2015: Which Juror Should Return (POLL)?

On Thursday’s Big Brother 2015 episode, one of the first three jury members, plus John “Johnny Mac” McGuire or Steve Moses, will get the chance to return to the game. Each juror has a chance to really shake up the Big Brother 17 house.


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Big Brother 2015: Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony Results

Last week on Big Brother 2015, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire found himself sitting next to his closest ally Becky Burgess. He experienced deja vu this week. Currently, John is sitting next to his second closest Big Brother 17 ally Steve Moses.

BB17: John and Austin

John desperately wanted to keep them both in the game. This was the only way to advance his game. Austin Matelson set his mind on evicting John because it was an easy move. Nevertheless, he kept evicting Vanessa Rousso as a possible scenario.

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