Big Brother 2015 Episode 6 Recap: Clay and Shelli Target Da’Vonne

On Thursday’s Big Brother 2015 episode, Jace Agolli became the first evictee of the season. Prior to his eviction, the house neared a major divide. Audrey Middleton planted seeds that created mistrust among all the Big Brother 17 houseguests. Players started to suspect Audrey’s dishonesty, and Da’Vonne Rogers finally held a meeting to expose it.


The Big Brother 2015 stage seemed set for Audrey’s eviction in week 2. This week, Becky Burgess and Shelli Poole won Heads of Household. The two of them immediately had different plans of attack for the week. One wanted Da’Vonne out, and the other Audrey.

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 17 showed how their first day of Heads of Household played out.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 5 Recap: Kathy Griffin Takes Over

Big Brother 17 started with a bang. In only a week, so much has happened in the Big Brother 2015 house. We witnessed alliances form and crumble, huge arguments, and a showmance in the making. Big Brother 2015 takes the phrase, “playing too hard, too fast,” or as Big Brother fans call it “pulling a Brian,” to the next level.


Tonight marked the first Big Brother 2015 eviction of the season. Head of Household James Huling successfully blindsided Jace Agolli by backdooring him. His actions completely set the season in motion for an explosive, unpredictable one. So did Jace or Jackie Ibarra leave the Big Brother 17 house? Read our recap below to find out.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 4 Recap: Power of Veto Competition; Everyone Loses It

On tonight’s episode of Big Brother 2015, everyone collectively lost their minds. It was a night with at least two tear filled Diary Room sessions, fake and real alliance formations, and the Big Brother paranoia starting to set in. Big Brother 17 will not be a season of subtle, quiet game play.


On last week’s Big Brother 2015, Head of Household James Huling set a plan in motion to backdoor Jace Agolli. He nominated pawns Steve Moses and Jackie Ibarra. He also formed an alliance with Da’Vonne Rogers, Jason Roy, and Audrey Middleton. After a week in the Big Brother 17 house, their alliance seemed as solid as a first week alliance can be on Big Brother. Tonight that changed.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 3 Recap: Battle of the Block and Nominations

Wednesday and Thursday’s Big Brother 2015 episodes were all about introducing this year’s players and game. We met a Rockstar dentist, a former wrestler, and one half of a secret twin duo.


The Amazing Race‘s Phil Keoghan took over Big Brother 17 for the week to introduce the final houseguests: Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon from The Amazing Race 26. He also had another twist to introduce that we saw unfold tonight on Big Brother 2015.

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Big Brother 2015 Premiere Recap Night 2: An Amazing Race Takeover

Tonight Big Brother kicked off its second premiere night. We witnessed the remaining houseguests enter it. We also got some Amazing Race related twists. Yesterday, the first eight Big Brother 17 players entered, played the first HOH competition, and started forming alliances.

bb17-Jeff and Jackie

This put the second half of the Big Brother 17 cast at an already big disadvantage. But if Big Brother 16 showed us anything, it’s that what happens the first night really doesn’t matter. It is the first week that defines players.

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Big Brother 2015 Premiere Recap: 3 Twists and a Win

Tonight Big Brother 2015 prepared for an exciting season, as the first night of premiere week kicked off. Host Julie Chen unleashed two major twists on the first set of Big Brother 17 houseguests. She also let’s the viewers in on one major twists from Big Brother‘s glory twist days.

BB17 Premiere-Blood Red

Missed the Big Brother 17 premiere action? Then read our full recap below.
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BB15 Update: Jeremy Evicted and America is the MVP!

BB15 Jeremy EvictedThe third eviction of Big Brother 15 is in the books, and Jeremy was evicted from the house by a vote of 9-1.  It’s crazy to think that three guys went out first this season since it seems like girls are usually the first to go. Jeremy was a major physical threat in the game and his downfall was making sure that everyone knew it.  With him gone, the HOH was anybody’s ballgame although an unexpected twist is really going to shake things up this week.

As the houseguests headed to the backyard for this week’s HOH competition, it was the traditional competition where they had to guess on America’s various opinions of them.  Kaitlin almost won which would’ve made for an interesting revenge week, but in the end Judd of all people pulled out the win and is our new HOH.  Judd hasn’t made a whole lot of enemies in the house, but had been mentioning that GinaMarie had been annoying him with all her “mourning” over Nick so she may be at risk of being on the block for the first time.

The real twist this week is that the MVP has already been decided….and it’s America!  This was no doubt done because it was pretty clear that after 3 consecutive MVP wins, Elissa getting yet another one would make things a bit stale.  So this week America will get to vote on who the third nomination will be.  We know America likes Elissa, but this week we’ll get a chance to see who ISN’T liked.  Many of you are probably thinking it will no doubt be Aaryn, but if Judd puts her up as one of his nominations the MVP nominee will be the person with the next most votes.

So we’ve got an HOH who doesn’t have much of a clear target, and America gets to vote on the third nominee.  They are keeping things interesting and having a third nominee each week has kept the action moving in the house.   This week a lot of the power is in Judd’s hands, which is interesting in itself.  Don’t forget YOU have the power this week to vote for the third nominee, you can do so at  And don’t forget you can watch what’s happening in the house 24/7 with the live feed free trial.