Big Brother 2015 Episode 29 Recap: Returning Juror Comp Starts

Tonight Big Brother 2015 episode is an intense one. First, we had one of the most unpredictable eviction of the season. Next. two major decision needed to be made tonight on Big Brother 17: who returns and who wins Head of Household.

BB17-John and Julie

Earlier today, CBS announced that this week’s Head of Household competition, and juror returnee one, would be an endurance one. The last time we had a juror returnee and HOH endurance comp, was Big Brother 15. This competition lead to some classic moments. Find out what happened on tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 28 Recap-Pokerface

On Sunday’s Big Brother 2015 episode, Head of Household Austin Matelson needed to decide between two allies: Steve Moses and Vanessa Rousso. He wanted to use them as pawns. His main Big Brother 17 target was John “Johnny Mac” McGuire.


However, he toyed with the prospect of evicting Vanessa. He just needed to decide if he should do it from the front or back door. Tonight, we see the Big Brother 2015 houseguests battle it out in the newest Zingbot competition.

By the end of the night, someone becomes the newest Veto holder. Will they use it to save either John or Steve from eviction? Continue below to find out.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 27 Recap: Judas Gains Power

On tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode, the remaining eight houseguests race for victory. Last week, Head of Household Liz Nolan and her showmance partner Austin Matelson hinted about throwing the competition to John “Johnny Mac” McGuire. They wanted him to win this Big Brother 17 Head of Household to evict Vanessa Rousso.

BB17: Ready, Set, Whoa

Live feed watchers already know that things did not go as planned. On tonight’s episode, we also see the events leading up to the nomination ceremony. It was an intense twenty-four hours on Big Brother 2015.

Read below to find out what else happened on tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 26 Recap: Another Endurance Competition Starts…

Tonight Becky Burgess or John “Johnny Mac” McGuire leave the Big Brother 2015 house. Becky has had two horrible weeks in the Big Brother 17 house.

BB17: John and Becky on the block

First her alliance left her out to dry by not voting the way she wanted. Next she lost her closes align in the Big Brother 2015 game. Then she hurt her foot. Now she is on the block, six votes away from eviction.

Will Becky finally experience some good luck? Or is Becky’s game completely dead.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 25 Recap: OTEV Returns to Rock Out

Tonight on Big Brother 2015, OTEV made a triumphant return to the house. John “Johnny Mac” McGuire and Becky Burgess needed to win Veto or kiss their partnership goodbye.


Head of Household Liz Nolan and her showmance partner Austin Matelson needed to win it to keep the power in their hands. Who reigned supreme on tonight’s Big Brother 17 episode?

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 24 Recap: Austin’s Angels Regain Power

Big Brother 2015’s first double eviction evicted one player from each of side of the house. The Goblins lost their fierce ally Jackie Ibarra. The Sixth Sense lost the remaining member of the Clelli showmance (Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt). Now the Big Brother 17 players must pick up the pieces and find new house roles.

BB17: Liz Nolan

We should see some new fractions start to form. This might mean players who float more towards the middle are in danger. Players like John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Steve Moses, and Becky Burgess could be this week’s targets. So winning tonight’s Big Brother 2015 Head of Household competition is critical.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 23 Recap: The Double Eviction Claims Two Victims

Big Brother 2015 episode 23 had the Big Brother 17 houseguests battling it out in a huge live double eviction. It was like Christmas day for Big Brother fans. Though a fan favorite left, the double eviction did satisfy viewers by creating a more fractured house.

BB17: Ep 23-1

Wednesday’s Big Brother 17 episode ended with Head of Household Becky Burgess taking a shot at her target Vanessa Rousso. She nominated her as a replacement nominee when Steve Moses removed himself from the block. This put the Sixth Sense alliance members, Vanessa and Shelli Poole, against one another.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 22 Recap: BB Comics Returns

Tonight’s Big Brother 2015 episode showed what happened with this week’s Power of Veto ceremony. The Big Brother 17 houseguests ziplined for the Veto. This resulted in another win for one of the players playing very under the radar.

BB17: Comics

Previously, Head of Household Becky Burgess set her target at Vanessa Rousso. Everything was going according to plan on Sunday’s episode. The Veto competition put Becky even closer to her plan goals. However a snag might see the plan come crashing down. But before we get to that, read what happened on tonight’s Big Brother 17 episode.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 21 Recap: Becky Exposes Vanessa’s Game

Vanessa Rousso has basically ran the Big Brother 2015 game. She has been manipulating situations left and right to further her agenda. Vanessa plays Big Brother 17 like it should be played. However, this week, a sloppy move made her target number one.

BB17: Vanessa and James

Now in major danger, can Vanessa slip and slide her way to safety? Find out by reading our Big Brother 2015 recap below.

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Big Brother 2015 Episode 20 Recap: The Romance Ends

Tonight, the Big Brother 17 houseguests finally separated Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt. The Big Brother 2015 showmance has been dominating and controlling the house for five weeks. It was time to get one of them out.

BB17: Shelli and Clay

On Sunday’s episode, Head of Household James Huling made a huge game move by nominating Shelli and Clay. This set the scales of the house a little more in his alliance’s favor. He wanted Shelli out tonight, but did Vanessa Rousso‘s meddling stop his plan?

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