BB15 Spoilers: Week 3 MVP and POV Results

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

Aaryn GriesWe are in the heart of week 3 of Big Brother 15 and as we’ve seen so far on CBS, Helen is the current HOH and had nominated Kaitlin and Aaryn for eviction. Of course has been the case every week so far, the addition of a 3rd nominee in the mix has made for a much more unpredictable game.

Just like the past 2 weeks, Elissa has one again been voted the MVP this week and it looks like that might be the case for as long as she’s in the house.  Her side of the house was set on her nominating Howard with the ultimate goal being to backdoor Jeremy.  Their idea was that Howard had a strong chance of winning POV which would give them a much better chance for the backdoor.  The problem was that the group didn’t consult with Elissa over their nomination choices and Elissa was not comfortable nominating Howard since they’ve been close, so Elissa shook things up by naming Spencer as the third nominee.
As POV competition time rolled around, the hope was that Jeremy wouldn’t get picked to play and wouldn’t be able keep himself off the block.  In a bit of an upset, Kaitlin actually won the POV competition and saved herself from the block.  The other side of the house had to let her know that if she didn’t use it, she would go home since there was a chance she wouldn’t in order to keep Jeremy from going up.  Kaitlin made the smart move and used it on herself, and Jeremy went up as her replacement and is the target to go home this week as of now.

So far Helen’s HOH has accomplished what her side of the house wanted which was to get out someone on the other side (Jeremy/Kaitlin/Aaryn) but Helen also has a bit of a big head now and is planning the order of evictions for the next few weeks.  As we know, “expect the unexpected” is Big Brother’s catchphrase, and things could totally flip in the house after any competition.  Don’t forget to watch all the action in the house live as it happens on the Big Brother 15 feeds free trial.

Attention Canadian Fans: The Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Are Now Available for You!

CBS Interactive Inc.Great news for Canadian Big Brother fans, the live feed situation has finally been resolved and the feeds are now available in Canada!  We received many messages from those of you that were disappointed that feeds were not available in Canada since they moved to CBS from Real Networks, but CBS has responded to what they call “overwhelming feedback” and have made the feeds accessible to all the Big Brother fans in Canada.

This is great news especially since the live feeds have been pretty insane from the get go.  We reported on the huge fight in the house just a couple of nights ago, and of course every media outlet out there has been covering the controversial racist comments that have been made by some of the houseguests.  Love them or hate them, this cast has been anything that dull and the action goes deep into the early morning hours on a nightly basis.

So be sure and spread the word!  We hated that the Canadian fans were left out, but now that the issues are resolved you can all watch action 24/7 with the rest of us like many of you have for many years.  And best of all, you can take advantage of the live feed free trial and get a free glimpse at what is going on in the Big Brother 15 house!

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BB15 Live Feed Update: All Hell Breaks Loose in Huge Fight

Big Brother 15 fight BB15 Candace GM BB15 Aaryn BB15 Amanda

Earlier tonight we saw the second eviction of the season which was the type of blindside we would usually see much later in the season.  Nick was evicted, one side of the house was in total shock, and GinaMarie had a total breakdown.  Then the power shifted as Helen ended up winning HOH which totally flips the house from what we saw last week.

It only took a few minutes before all hell broke loose in the house.  GinaMarie cried for at least an hour after the CBS show, but that was only the beginning.  A fight over the bed/sleeping situation kicked off 2 hours of all out warfare.  The trio of Jeremy/Kaitlin/Aaryn came downstairs after spending all week in HOH and planned on coming in and taking over the bedroom that Candace and Jessie have had since the start.  It got to the point that Kaitlin and Jeremy would not leave Jessie’s bed even after being asked to leave.  Aaryn on the other hand, took it upon herself to flip Candace’s bed over and dumping all of her and Howard’s clothes in the process.

As things kept going the trash talk between Aaryn/Kaitlin and Jessie continued until Candace entered and things began to escalate, with the so called “mean girls” challenging Candace to “do something.”   Somewhere in all this, GinaMarie popped up and got in Candace’s face, asking her if she wanted the “black to come out” as they went face to face. Howard had to step in to break the situation up, literally having to pick up and carry Candace out of the room.  Howard tried explaining to Candace that they needed to get away from the situation because he was going to have to step in and lose his temper with them if things didn’t stop .

Think it stopped there?  Oh no.  The next round saw Amanda join in and pretty much tell all the girls in the room off about how they’ve all talked about each other at some point.  Then Amanda dropped the bomb on Aaryn that America has waited for as she called her out on her racist comments, noting that production has questioned the whole house about their feelings on Aaryn’s remarks.  Aaryn of course denied it all, but felt that Amanda made her look terrible by making the accusation of course. Aaryn later broke down and cried more because of how Amanda made her look than anything.

After the main confrontation, even Howard was seen breaking down by himself as he had a hard time not saying anything about all the racial comments being made and having to hold back on defending Candace in the situation.  Judd even got involved at one point by calling the Kaitlin/Aaryn crew “trash” as he walked out of their room.

This has been by far the wildest night thus far in Big Brother 15, and it has to rank up there in the all-time classic fights in Big Brother history.  The tension is very high in the house already, and we’ve only had 2 evictions!  There are people that literally can’t be in the same room together at this point without a blow up, so be sure to check out the free trial of the live feeds if you want to see what happens next!  If you want to see the fight flashback to 10:50 PM on July 11 on Cam 3.

Reminder – Big Brother 15’s Schedule Changes This Week!

Big Brother 15 scheduleWe just wanted to remind everyone that Big Brother 15 is changing nights and times this week, since we’re sure some of you are already used to tuning in on Tuesday nights.  Starting this week the new Big Brother 15 schedule will be Wednesdays at 8/7c, Thursdays at 9/8c, and Sundays at the usual 8/7c.

We’re pretty much back to the way things have usually been with Thursday being the traditional eviction night.  The old schedule left a pretty big gap between Wednesday and Sunday episodes, but things might feel a bit more balanced now.  So no Big Brother tonight (Tuesday,) but be sure to update your DVRs to reflect the change with Wednesday and Thursday being the back to back shows.

Of course as always you can always watch live and not miss a moment of the Big Brother 15 craziness on the live feeds.

BB15 Spoilers: Week 2 MVP and POV Results

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

Big Brother 15 MVPIt’s been an absolute insane kickoff to the first couple of weeks of Big Brother 15, so much so that it’s hard to keep up with some sort of action happening every night on the live feeds.  On Sunday’s CBS show, we saw that Jeremy and Aaryn won the bbq HOH competition and decided that Aaryn would be HOH for the week.  It was a smart move on their part since as Jeremy pointed out, he can now play again for HOH this week.  We also saw that Aaryn nominated Elissa and Helen, with Elissa being the target and Helen being her closest ally.  Now we have the MVP and POV results which have shaken things up once again.

For the second week in a row, Elissa won MVP and had the power to name the 3rd nomination for the week.  Once again, Elissa made a bold move by nominating Jeremy for eviction. Of course that move shook the house up since Jeremy has made waves with everyone in the house at some point.  When POV time rolled around, Jeremy was true to what he’s been saying about winning competitions as he won the Power of Veto.  With it being obvious that Jeremy would take himself off the block, there was a scramble in the house to see who was going up as the replacement.  Kaitlin seemed to the choice since she is Jeremy’s closest ally in the house, but things took a turn in a much different direction.

As Elissa was gathering up votes to see if Kaitlin would be voted out, Nick wasn’t able to commit to Elissa that he would vote Kaitlin out.   Elissa took this as a sign that Nick was not to be trusted, and earlier today it was Nick that ended up as the replacement nomination!  Right now it’s a toss up between Nick and Elissa as to who will go home, with Helen being seen as a total non threat.

So this Thursday night (don’t forget the schedule change) we will see the second eviction of the season.  Either Elissa, Helen, or Nick will be sent packing.  Who are you rooting for?  Don’t forget you can follow it all as it happens on the live feeds.  Just click below for a free trial!

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BB15 Spoilers: The Winner of the BBQ Competition and New HOH is…

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, do not read if you want to be surprised.**

Big Brother BBQ HOHEarlier tonight when Big Brother went off the air on CBS, we saw the houseguests playing the traditional “go back and forth and fill the jar” game which involved BBQ sauce for the second HOH of the season.  Things weren’t quite clear how things would work due to some technical difficulties that prevented us from hearing Julie’s full instructions.  The houseguests were paired up so we weren’t sure which team member would win HOH when one of the teams won.

On the live feeds we saw that Jeremy and Aaryn won the competition, and Aaryn of all people is new HOH!  After causing much controversy this week over her comments in the house and even being released by her modeling company earlier today over those same comments, Aaryn is now calling the shots in the house this week.

Of course Aaryn’s side of the house (Jeremy and Kaitlin mainly) are taking aim at Elissa and getting revenge after the blindside eviction of David.   Their real battle has been trying to figure out who is lying about votes (Nick and Spencer have both lied and said they voted to evict Elissa) so it will be interesting to see who Aaryn’s side ends up trusting. Also Aaryn’s first move as HOH was to name the have-nots for the week, and she named Elissa, Helen, Andy, and Candice so that tells you where those 4 stand with her.  The biggest question is….who will be this week’s MVP?

Things are really heating up in the house and the animosity continues to grow.  If you want to see how it unfolds with Aaryn as HOH, be sure to check out the free trial of Big Brother live feeds.

BB15’s GinaMarie Zimmerman Fired from Pageant Job Over Racist Remarks

BB15 GinaMarie

That’s right….2 Big Brother 15 Houseguests, 2 jobs lost, in 1 day.  Earlier today we reported that Aaryn was dropped by her modeling agency over her racist remarks on the live feeds, and now GinaMarie has suffered the same fate.  TMZ reports that “East Coast Pageant Inc.” is cutting ties with GinaMarie after 5 years of employment.

Aaryn has received the majority of backlash on the racist and homophobic comments in the house, but the truth is she is far from the only guilty party.  GinaMarie has dropped the “N” word in the house, and now like Aaaryn she is receiving the repercussion.  East Coast Pageant Inc. mentioned that they were actually thankful for the show since they got a chance to see how GinaMarie really was.  They had previously encouraged their pageant girls to watch the show and cheer on GinaMarie since they figured she would be a role model.

This is quickly becoming the most controversial season ever; it remains to be seen if any other houseguests receive outside repercussion for their actions in the house.  There is no indication that the producers will let them know what is going on until they exit the house.

BB15’s Aaryn Gries Dropped by Modeling Agency Over Racist Remarks

Aaryn Gries BB15It’s been the talk of the Big Brother 15 season so far; the racist and homophobic terms that have been used in the house have the Internet buzzing and demanding repercussions. Aaryn has been one of the houseguests that has been guilty of using many of the derogatory terms, and while CBS hasn’t taken any action, her modeling agency is.

Zephyr Talent in Austin, TX released the following statement on their Facebook page:

Aaryn, season 15 cast member of Big Brother, revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we (Zephyr Talent) do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent.”

Aaryn is getting a ton of hate from the Internet for her comments and attitude, so this has to feel like a bit of retribution for many.  I think the reality of Big Brother is shining this season being we really do have people from all walks of life with many points of view (good or bad.)  This is real life and sadly there are these type of people in the world.  While CBS is allowing the houseguests to have their free speech, Zephr Talent is showing that such attitudes are not OK in the working world.  Aaryn is in for quite a surprise when she leaves the Big Brother house.

BB15 Live Feed Update: Jeremy Goes Super-Villain on the House

**Warning – this post may contain spoilers, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

BB15 Jeremy PissedWith the way things have been going in the Big Brother 15 house, it was only a matter of time before the fighting began.  In this case, we saw one of the most direct/cocky/one sided trash talking sessions ever seen in the house, and everyone pretty much just took it.

It all started with the news that the have-nots (Howard, Helen, Elissa, Andy, and Judd) were done and  could eat/drink at 12 a.m. A little while before 12 hit, they got an alcohol delivery and everyone agreed to wait on the former have-nots to drink.  Something set Jeremy off, and he proceeded to take the bottle of wine and drink it all himself (he shared a little with Kaitlin and Aaryn,) and went on a tirade about how he would pretty much do what he wanted.

BB15 Jeremy

Of course everyone eventually started asking where the red wine was, and after Aaryn told Jeremy she felt like the group was giving her attitude over the situation, Jeremy went in the kitchen and told them all that he did it, he feels great, and he didn’t give a “F.”   Of course after a near full bottle of wine, Jeremy was ready to talk for the next hour about how he was going to win HOH and how great he is.  Shockingly no one really stood up to him other than Kaitlin, who pointed out that he was making a stupid move by talking so much trash and being so loud about it.  Earlier he had even made a point to look at the camera and tell Elissa’s husband that he should divorce her.   

BB15 Helen CryingAfter all of this, Jeremy did apologize to Helen, who was an emotional mess for some reason even though the tirade wasn’t directly at her specifically.  Andy also spoke to Jeremy but pretty much cowered to him the whole time and even thanked Jeremy for being so direct (wtf?)  Elissa may have had the line of the night as she said Jeremy was such a “NeanderTALL” after he went back outside.

Jeremy held nothing back in his tirade, letting the house know he thinks he’s great and even saying they should put him up if they get HOH because it would be a “smart move.”  He was very clear that he would put up Elissa and Candice when he wins HOH, so he pretty much laid out all his plans.  Kaitlin pointed out that he also put a huge target on David since he is the closest to Jeremy and on the block (he was put up by MVP Elissa.) 

So did Jeremy go too far with his insults and trash talk?  Or will the others be too intimidated to put him up?  There has barely been a dull moment on the live feeds, and last night proved a little alcohol really gets the drama going in the house.  Check out the free trial of live feeds if you want to see what happens next tonight.

BB15 Live Feed Update: Another Showmance Begins – and This Ones a Shocker!

**Warning – this post may contain spoilers, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

McCrae Amanda kissIn our first live feed update we were pointing out how there was a showmance between Kaitlin and Jeremy within 7 days of being in the house.  Now we have another showmance (of sorts) to report on just a day later.  Let me preface by asking….who do you think the least likely person in the house to be involved in a showmance (other than Helen and Elissa of course since they’re married) is?….How many of you said McCrae?  Well believe it or not, McCrae has got more action in the house than anyone else so far!

If you’ve been watching the live feeds, you know that Amanda has been in McCrae’s HOH room non-stop talking game and making it way too obvious that they are aligned.  It seems sometimes like Amanda is trying to run McCrae’s HOH and is taking credit for many of the decisions.  Well early this morning, things took a turn that none of us saw coming. 

McCrae and Amanda hook up

As McCrae and Amanda were in bed (yes Amanda has even been sleeping in the HOH room) they were getting awfully close, closer than just friends for sure.  After watching for a while, there was…..SOMEthing going on under the covers involving Amanda’s hand….and that’s all we need to say.  There was no question about what was going on after Amanda…..wiped away the evidence so to speak on the bed spread.    (For those of you who want to see what all happened, flashback to 5:40 A.M. on the live feeds.)

For those of you who are saying “but Amanda said she has a boyfriend!”….yes that is true, but obviously that went out the window as she commented that she knew the boyfriend’s family had the live feeds.  A little while later after all that “action,” Amanda and McCrae actually kissed which may mean they are an official undercover showmance.  There is no way the rest of the house could see this one, we couldn’t even believe it.  but now the question is: is Amanda just doing “whatever (and we mean WHATEVER) it takes to stay close to the power in the house?  Or is she really interested in McCrae?

Things are heating up like NEVER before this early in the game.  Alliances, showmances, and even the term “blowmance” has been thrown around.  This cast is definitely a wild one.  Be sure sure to tune in tonight on the live feeds to see wild their first Saturday night in the house gets!