BB15 Live Feed Update: Elissa Makes a Deal with the Devil

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

Just hours after we posted the results from this week’s POV competition and speculated on the likely breakup of the “McCranda” showmance in the house this week, the old Big Brother adage “Expect the Unexpected” once again became ever so true.  Since Amanda was put on the block with McCrae and now subsequently is on the block with Spencer, she has been hard at work to do whatever it takes to save herself.  Last night she campaigned to just about every person in the house, and the one houseguest we would’ve thought was least likely to actually change her mind about Amanda did just that.

Elissa and Amanda have been at odds for weeks now, with ups and downs that included Amanda harassing Elissa while she was HOH and throwing out every personal attack she could think of. The two have had periods where they seemed to make up, only to go right back to being at odds.  Last night as Amanda campaigned to Elissa, she brought up how she believed Spencer and Judd were working together (true) and how Elissa would be one of the next targets if Amanda goes this week.  Amanda also brought up how her and McCrae would work with Elissa if she saved her and how getting Spencer out would break up the other side of the house.  At the time, Elissa seemed disinterested, but after some time to think (and a possible trip to the DR according to other houseguests,) Elissa had a change of heart.

Elissa seemingly had a light bulb go off in her head that made her realize where things stand in the house and who is aligned with who.  She went back to Amanda and told her she is 100% voting to keep her this week and wants Spencer gone.  With this happening, and with McCrae’s vote, the ultimate decision comes down to Andy of all people.  Elissa shared her thoughts/plans with Andy who wouldn’t commit right away, but later he revealed the plan to the others so it looks like he won’t be changing his vote.  If the vote ends up 2/2, GinaMarie will make the eviction decision and of course send Amanda out still, which would still tell the house that Elissa changed her vote.

Just when we think things are calming down and wrapping up as the number of houseguests dwindle this season, things light up again and more drama is abound.  Will the new Amanda/Elissa alliance save Amanda?  Or will the Exterminators stay strong and get rid of Amanda as planned?  Follow it all live as it happens on the live feeds.

BB15 POV Spoilers – Will the Reign of “McCranda” Come to an End?

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

BB15 McCrandaLast week saw a memorable eviction as the controversial Aaryn Gries was sent packing and had to go face to face with Julie Chen about her racist remarks.  Aaryn’s eviction and response to Julie made headlines across the Internet, but back in the house it was GinaMarie’s HOH win that has made waves.  As seen Sunday on CBS, GinaMarie finally made the move that needed to be made in the house which was putting up Amanda and McCrae. Of course that move sent Amanda on the warpath as she immediately began working to save both herself and McCrae.  While the nominations were a big move, the POV competition is what really decides things and this week ultimately determined the fate of “McCranda.”

Going in to the POV, there was much discussion in the house about who the actual target was between Amanda and McCrae.  Of course Amanda has always been the one “wearing the pants” for the couple and being the most vocal, but the feeling was that McCrae was of course better at competitions and had a better chance at winning the game since he was more liked by everyone.  All of that conversation was null and void after McCrae ended up winning the POV!  With it being obvious McCrae would take himself off the block, Amanda went into damage control mode to get Elissa put up as the replacement nominee in hopes that she would have the votes against her.

After many back and forth conversations with Amanda literally begging and pleading with GinaMarie to put Elissa up as the replacement nominee, GinaMarie was having none of it as she put up Spencer to ensure Amanda is evicted this week.  With that move, it looks like Amanda’s rule of the house is most likely coming to an end this week and “McCranda” will be broken up.  Of course anything could change, but it looks like the entire house agrees that it’s time for Amanda to go, and the goal will be for McCrae to go out right behind her (which may be the same night being this week is double eviction.)

Amanda somehow managed to run the game for quite a while, but in the end her antics have become obvious to the others and this move will leave the final 5 houseguests to battle it out with no showmances involved.  Are you a fan of McCrae and Amanda’s time together in the house?  Or are you glad it looks like it’s finally coming to an end? 

Tune in to CBS Wednesday to see how the POV played out, and Thursday for the live DOUBLE eviction which will bring us down to the final FIVE houseguests.  You can also get the free trial of live feeds to watch the last few days of McCranda together in the Big Brother house.

BB15 Spoilers: The Winner of the Egg HOH Competition is…

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

We are officially down to the final 7 for Big Brother 15 and tonight’s episode delivered in multiple ways.  First off Aaryn was evicted unanimously, which lead to her going face to face with Julie Chen who called her out on the racist remarks she made in the house after many audience members met Aaryn with a chorus of boos.  Julie read specific comments Aaryn has made out loud and gave her the chance to respond, which of course left Aaryn at a loss for words and had the audience laughing at every excuse she came up with.  After that fun was over, it was time for the HOH competition.

The competition was pretty similar to the one seen earlier this year on Big Brother Canada which saw the houseguests in a race to see who could move a number of eggs through wire first.  We can report that GinaMarie is the new HOH which should make for a VERY interesting week.  As seen on CBS, GinaMarie is part of the “Exterminators” alliance with Spencer, Judd, and Andy, and will most likely be aiming to finally break up “McCranda.”  Judging by he blowup seen on CBS earlier this week, Amanda vs. GinaMarie round 2 could make for some outstanding confrontations being GinaMarie will go nose to nose with Amanda and won’t back down like others have.  Of course Amanda is already assuming GM will do what she wants, but (hopefully) she will be in for a big surprise.

On a side note, Julie noted that the person who came in last in the competition would have to wear a chicken suit (voted on by America) for the 48 hours.  The lucky person who will be wearing the chicken suit will be none other than Judd **Edit – Spencer also has a chicken suit!**  GinaMarie battling Amanda, Judd in a chicken suit, sounds like a great week to us.  Also Julie informed us that next week will be the second double eviction of the season, which also has some explosive possibilities.  You can still sign up for a free trial of live feeds and see how the week unfolds with GinaMarie in position to make a huge game-changing move!

BB15 Spoilers: A Jury Member Returns and a New HOH is Crowned

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

 Earlier tonight the Big Brother house was turned upside down as it was announced to the houseguests that the members of the jury would compete for the chance to re-enter the house and get a second chance at the game.  Helen was evicted from the house so she joined Judd, Jessie, and Candice as all 4 re-entered the house and joined their former houseguests before entering to compete in one of the highest stakes HOH competitions ever. 

After the brief reunion of the houseguests and the jury members, they headed to the backyard for a competition that was a twist on the old “stand on the wall” endurance competition.  The big change here was that the houseguests were having balls thrown at them as they stood on the wall and the first person to catch 10 balls would be the HOH.  The second factor here was that the 4 jury members were playing a bit of a separate game as the last one remaining would get to re-enter the house.  Finally, if a jury member not only outlasted the 3 others but ALSO was the first overall to get 10 balls, they would return AND be the HOH.

The first winner of the night was none other than……….JUDD.  That’s right, Judd outlasted the other jury members and is now BACK in the Big Brother 15 game.  Judd may have won his way back in, but he didn’t last until the end and beat the other houseguests.  That honor went to the new HOH for the week……Elissa!  Elissa is pretty much the only person that’s been in the house that is willing to shake things up, so this was a great win for the fans this week since we have a chance at seeing the monotony broken up.

The house is already scrambling to find out/sway how Elissa will handle her HOH; she’s let it be known that Aaryn is her target, but her strategy seems to have more to it….a possible mega-move on Amanda perhaps?  Oh the possibilities this week!  Be sure to get your free trial of the live feeds to follow all the action as it unfolds in the house!

BB15 Live Feed Update: Jessie Goes Rogue on the House!

We are about a month and a half into Big Brother 15, and for the past couple of weeks things have sadly become very stale.  The house has been dominated by one side (Helen/Amanda/McCrae etc.) which has lead to unanimous evictions and no shakeups.  Even when someone comes up with a plan for a big move, it seems to always be shot down in fear of repercussion.  Jessie has been one of the people trying to lead the charge recently but couldn’t get enough people in the house to grow a pair and do something.

Last night it all changed after Jessie overheard that she was the one actually going home even after Helen told her she was safe.  She confronted Helen over this and of course Helen did her usually backtracking and blatant lying, but Jessie was having none of it. The fact that Helen was obviously lying sent Jessie on a mission to find out the truth.

After their conversation Helen immediately ran to McCrae and Amanda to spill the beans as usual, but this time Jessie listened at the door and heard all of their plans.  The overheard conversation pretty much told Jessie how the entire house is being run; Helen’s lying, McCrae and Amanda aligned with Helen as the power couple, Andy lying to her about her not being the target, and Aaryn lying about being her friend and trying to help her stay.  At that point Jessie pretty much declared war on the house, and made sure to let us viewers know that we should tune in the next few days.

Since then, Jessie has been on a rampage of calling everyone in the house out and telling them how she feels.  She’s also telling everyone what the others have said about them.  Of course her plan it to pull an “Evel Dick” so to speak and terrorize her way into staying, but even if that doesn’t work this has been the most excitement and entertainment we’ve seen in weeks.  FINALLY someone is calling out Helen on all her lies and manipulation, and the house is in shock that finally someone is doing it.  She is also openly referring to Elissa as “Rachel’s shadow” and has gone at with Aaryn and exchanged “STFU’s” with her on more than one occasion.

Jessie is making waves by terrorizing everyone and it sounds like she plans to keep doing it this week.  If you haven’t already, now would be a good week to get the live feed free trial if you absolutely can’t stand Helen (or any of the other houseguests for that matter) because Jessie is dropping bombs on anyone and everyone every chance she gets!

BB15 Update: Wild Double Eviction Night Shakes Up the House!

The first double eviction of the Big Brother 15 season delivered the crazy on many fronts. This season has been dominated by one side of the house, and that pretty much continued last night with a shocking blindside that no one saw coming! 

The festivities kicked off with the first eviction of the night, and fireworks began during the last chance speech from Candice.  She brought up the derogatory remarks made by GinaMarie about her and it was on from there.  Candice and GM started jawing back and forth to the point that Julie almost couldn’t control the situation!  After all of that calmed down, as expected, Candice was evicted from the house.

Next up we had the HOH competition that was the “more or less” type trivia competition and Aaryn won her third HOH of the season.  Aaryn didn’t look happy about it because she obviously would have to make a hard decision on who to target.  She went the safe route by nominating Spencer and Jessie, and then it was time for POV. 

The POV competition was a short puzzle/race type competition, and Aaryn won that as well.  Aaryn has really proven her worth in winning competitions, like her or not.  Then came the big move.  She couldv’e kept it easy and kept noms the same, but as we saw the houseguests scrambling to talk her into something, it was obvious something was up.  We were in hopes she would drop the bomb on McCrae or Amanda, but as luck would have it, she took Jessie off the block and replaced her with JUDD!  Judd was obviously blindsided, as Aaryn stated it was “what the house wanted” and that she knew he had been “playing her.”

It was hard to watch as Judd looked to each houseguest in disbelief as he begged for them to keep him.  Pretty much the entire house was in tears (besides Helen who masterminded this) as they unanimously voted to evict Judd from the house.

It was a wild night without a doubt, but the craziness might not be over as Julie had more hints/news to deliver.  At the end of the episode, Julie informed the houseguests that the MVP twist was over and we are back to the traditional 2 nominees each week.  Second, Julie hinted that the summer wasn’t necessarily over for Candice and Judd – which leads us to believe we will see one of the jury members voted BACK into the house at some point.  All we know is, if it’s Candice, all hell could very well break loose once again!

BB15 Update: Ongoing HOH Endurance Competition

As seen on tonight’s CBS episode of Big Brother 15, we left off with the houseguests competing in an endurance competition. We will avoid posting further spoilers for those on the west coast who have yet to see the episode, but will update the post with results from the competition later tonight.

For those of you who want to watch the competition live, you can do so with the free trial of the live feeds and be the first to find out who the new HOH is.  Who will be the new HOH this week and will it finally shake the game up?  It’s going to be very interesting to how thing play out….check back tonight for more details!


**Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you wnat to be surprised

As promised we are back with the results of the endurance HOH competition, and in quite the shocking result, GinaMarie is the new HOH!  She probably would’ve been the last person we predicted, but she pulled it off and now has the power in the house this week.  The REAL question is if she will take the easy route and nominate Candice and Spencer, or will she be the one to step up and break up the McCrae/Amanda/Helen alliance.  It should be a very interesting week with the unpredictable GinaMarie in power.

BB15 Spoilers: Week 5 MVP and POV Results

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

BB15 Aaryn and Jessie BikinisOn Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 15, we saw that HOH Aaryn gave in to the pressure of the house (namely Amanda) and nominated Howard and Spencer for eviction. The X factor once again this week is the fact that America is the MVP and hence got to make the third nomination.  America proved they want to see a shakeup in the house by naming Amanda as the third houseguest on the block.

With the chance to make a huge move in the game, the POV competition had a lot on the line this week. The result saw what would have to be considered another underdog victory as Spencer won and was able to take himself off the block.  From there Aaryn had a second chance to make a big move, but again proved her fear for Amanda and her side of the house by nominating Candice as the replacement.

As things stand now, Amanda is pushing hard for everyone to get Howard out and it looks like that is what will happen.  Even Howard is going around telling people to vote him out instead of Candice.  One thing is for sure, if Amanda keeps dominating this game and no one stands up to her, this season is in dire trouble.  If Howard does indeed get evicted this week, Spencer or Candice winning HOH is the only way we still see things fire back up.  If not, they will be picked off by Amanda’s army and we will be left with very few fireworks.

Don’t forget you can try the live feeds for free and watch all the action in the house 24/7 as it happens.

Attention Time Warner Customers: You Could Be Losing CBS This Week!


We wanted to let any of our readers that are Time Warner Cable customers know that there is a current situation that could see Time Warner drop CBS as early as this week!  Of course this means those of you with Time Warner will no longer have access to the Big Brother 15 full episodes should CBS be dropped. If it does indeed happen, Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother could be the last aired on Time Warner.

CBS is still trying to resolve the situation and has set up a site at for you to voice your opinion and concerns on the matter.  Losing Big Brother and many other popular CBS shows would not be a good thing for Time Warner, so hopefully things get worked out.

Keep in mind if Time Warner does cut CBS, the live feeds will not be affected and you can still watch everything going on in the house 24/7.  We hope this situation can be resolved without anyone having to miss out, but we wanted to let you know about this situation so you can plan accordingly and stay connected with Big Brother.

BB15 Spoilers: Week 4 Nominations and POV Results

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

BB15 HOH JuddThursday night we saw a crazy start to the new Big Brother week as Judd pulled off what has to be considered an underdog victory in the HOH competition, and it was announced that America would be this week’s MVP and would get to choose the third nominee this week.  Well at lot has happened since Thursday so let us bring you up to speed.

To start things off, Judd made his nominations and put Kaitlin and Aaryn on the block.  He did a lot of talking to various houseguests and really wasn’t clear on what his actual plan was as far as who his target actually was.  Of course the houseguests knew to “expect the unexpected” with this week’s MVP vote, and that’s exactly what they got.

Some panic and rumors swirled in the house about who got MVP or how it would actually work, but the house really got a surprise when it was announced that Elissa had been named the third nominee.  As we all know, she has dominated the MVP spot for 3 weeks now, so either America got confused or there are just as many people that DON’T like her.  Upon hearing the news, the houseguests immediately started buzzing about a conspiracy theory on Elissa nominating herself….only in the Big Brother house!  Going into POV it was Aaryn, Kaitlin, and Elissa on the block with a ton of variables depending on who won.

Well there is good news for Elissa fans, she pulled out the win in the POV competition and will undoubtedly be taking herself off the block.  Now the big question is, will America be able to vote for her replacement nominee?  The only other option would be to see Judd make the replacement, but that seems to be giving a little TOO much power to this week’s HOH **EDIT – word is that the houseguest with the next most votes will be the replacement nominee.**

On top of all that, the POV competition was the traditional “punishment” competition where the houseguests have to take punishments in order to win.  Word is Judd will be in solitary confinement, and Aaryn will have to dye her hair **EDIT – the hair dye thing turned out to just be a rumor sadly.**  It should definitely be an interesting night on the live feeds, be sure to get your free trial if you haven’t already!