Big Brother: The 5 Worst Game Moves Thus Far

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Success on Big Brother involves impeccable game strategizing and social manipulation. For one contestant to become the victor, many others have to fail, and some have to fail gloriously. In Big Brother‘s sixteen seasons there have been some massive game blunders.

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Big Brother UK Starting This Week

Here in the United States we have to wait until June 25 for the next dose of Big Brother, but for those looking to get their fix sooner the UK version of the show begins a new season June 5.

While the shows are very similar in both countries, there is a major difference in how the winner is determined. While the HouseGuests do all the voting in the United States, in the UK the viewers are given an enormous hand in determining the winner. In last season’s series 14, known as Big Brother: Secrets and Lies, UK viewers voted on who would be evicted from the house throughout the series.

That level of involvement is perhaps the biggest difference between the two versions of the show, and it also serves to indicate how ingrained UK fans get with the show. Betting sites like even have bookmakers listed that take wagers on many aspects of the show in their specials section.

The show’s producers have let it be known that this season, which will be called Big Brother: Power Trip, will feature a futuristic design to the house and give viewers the chance to manipulate HouseGuests during the show’s run. Considering that season 14 featured a “people’s puppet” in the house whose actions were controlled by the viewers, one has to wonder how the show will let fans manipulate events this year.

As for last season, the fans crowned Sam Evans the winner. Evans, 23 at the time he entered the house, was a compelling story because he was born with 70-80% hearing loss, and vowed to donate some of his winnings to hearing-loss related charities, which he has done. Evans is also fairly well known for saying that he would like to keep working at his day job at the UK-based retail chain Debenhams while trying to carve out a career in TV.

With several weeks left before the US version of Big Brother returns, consider this a primer on the show’s British cousin, which kicks off this week and can serve as a warm up as fans count down to the 25th. After all, there’s no such thing as too much Big Brother, right?

Brendon and Rachel Come in Third in The Amazing Race All-Stars

Brendon and Rachel Amazing Race All-StarsIt seems like three is the lucky (or not so lucky) number for Big Brother alumni Brendon and Rachel (“Brenchel” as we Big Brother fans have come to know them over the years) as the duo once again came in third place in their second attempt at The Amazing Race.

In Brendon and Rachel’s last attempt at the race they avoided elimination by being lucky enough to only come in last on the non-elimination legs, and this time they once again avoided elimination by only placing last one time and it was on a non-elimination leg.  In the finale, Rachel and Brendon started in the last spot based on their performance in the previous leg; the real kicker that added insult to injury so to speak was that the last leg of the race took place in Las Vegas….or VEGAS as Rachel would say – a place that any Big Brother fan would know is Rachel’s town.

Even though Rachel Reilly is the Vegas expert and came in to the last leg confident being she knows the town well, she and Brendon were stuck with a slow cab driver that refused to speed things up; a fact that ultimately lead to former Big Brother houseguests coming in last.

In the end it was the father/son team of Dave and Connor that took first place – the first ever parent/child team to win the race.  The grand finale saw one member of each team sky diving to the finish line, with Brendon being the final person to arrive.  Rachel busted out her signature tears throughout the episode, stating that she wanted to win The Amazing Race “more than anything”….a little extreme, but then again throughout the season “Brenchel” had stated they would have kids IF they won the race. 

Brendon and Rachel put in quite a performance on this season of the Race, coming in first on a couple of legs and of course stirring up the drama they are so well known for. Now the big question is….what’s next? 

Now that we’ve seen “Brenchel” on FOUR seasons of reality TV (between Big Brother and Amazing Race) is it time to give them a rest?  Of course the Big Brother 16 rumors are flying and some combination of Brenchel or their relatives always come up, but let’s hope CBS has some fresh ideas since we’ve had our Brenchel fix at least for this year.

“Brenchel” Returns to The Amazing Race for All Stars

Brenchel Amazing RaceOne of Big Brother’s favorite (or maybe not so favorite) couples is once again vowing to conquer The Amazing Race.  Brendon and Rachel participated in The Amazing Race 20 and came in third overall, but their performance throughout the game which saw them come in first on a few legs and second on many occasions earned them the chance to compete once again in Amazing Race All Stars.

Since the last Race, Brendon and Rachel were married and believe that will help them fight less along the way….a statement that even they had to laugh at given their history.  CBS even treated us to some highlights of “Brenchel” breakdowns from the last season with trademark Rachel crying sessions.

Brendon and Rachel kicked off the first leg of the Amazing Race by picking up right where they left off by jumping right into competition mode and coming in second place.  The Big Brother power couple showed no signs of dissension thus far, and without a doubt have a great chance of once again going far in the race especially if they have indeed got past some of their differences.

Love them or hate them, Brendon and Rachel have been a power couple on both Big Brother and the Amazing Race.   Every time they pop up on a show like the Race or even a CBS soap opera, their Big Brother roots will always come to mind.  Here’s to wishing them luck on their second attempt at The Amazing Race, maybe it’s their time to take things a little bit further and win it all.  You can watch Brenchel compete in The Amazing Race Sunday nights on CBS.

Andy Herren Wins Big Brother 15!

The roller coaster ride known as Big Brother 15 has come to an end, and Andy Herren somehow survived it all and is this year’s winner.  The season almost felt backwards in that all the houseguests that seemed like they would be real players were taken out first, leaving what many would describe as “floaters” at the end of the game.  Andy definitely fit that description being it seemed he lied to every side of the house but somehow never got caught.  He didn’t win competitions until the later part of the season, but tried to convince the jury that his back and forth lying/backstabbing moves were all part of his strategy….but could have just been luck?

The Big Brother 15 season has been marred with controversy based on many derogatory comments made by a number of houseguests and cast a black cloud over the entire season for many fans.  It’s sad since at the beginning of the season the cast seemed diverse and filled with some great possibilities.  We never got a chance to see how someone like Nick or even Howard would handle the game once things got rolling.  There were many feuds that were pretty much based on personal attacks, and many big players were taken out early for personal reasons rather than gameplay.  It’s funny that the season aimed to do away with floaters by having three nominees at first, but in the end Andy ended up winning by pretty much floating between every side in the house throughout the season.  In the end, GinaMarie’s inability to explain what she’s done in the game vs. Andy explaining every aspect of his game is probably what really won the game for Andy.

Did Andy really have a good strategy or was he just a lucky liar?  He really didn’t do much of anything for most of the season besides make sure his lies weren’t caught on to by anyone, but maybe that is considered a strategy to some.  Aside from all that, Andy is the first gay person to win Big Brother which is a cool milestone for him in the history books.  There will no doubt continue to be fallout from the season’s controversial statements (including Andy’s) that will probably shape the casting process for future Big Brother seasons.

What did you think of the season?  Did it have potential that was marred by the hate that was on display in the house?  While it may not have been the favorite season of very many fans (if any at all,) it definitely won’t be forgotten.  When Big Brother 16 time rolls around, season 15 will no doubt be brought up often and will no doubt be a reference point when it comes to improving the show.

Thank you all for sticking with us for another season and helping our site and social media presence grow by leaps and bounds!  Here’s to hoping Big Brother 16 will make up for all the negativity this season and deliver the type of season we all know and love.

Watch the Last Days of Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Free

Just wanted to drop a quick note to remind you all that you can watch the last couple of days of live feeds free if you haven’t already taken advantage of the live feed free trial.  With only a couple of days left, the trial period will cover the rest of the season thus making it free.

It has been a whirlwind of a season that has been full of ups and downs as well as it’s fair share of controversy.  The final 3 houseguests are Andy, GinaMarie, and Spencer, which definitely is a group of underdogs if we ever saw one.  The houseguests are currently reminiscing about the season and saying their farewells to memorable areas of the house, so if you want to watch and take stroll down the Big Brother 15 memory lane, take advantage of the live feed free trial as the countdown to the Big Brother 15 finale continues!

Britney Haynes’ Newborn Baby Diagnosed with Cancer

Britney Haynes babySad news to report day as the newborn baby of Big Brother favorite Britney Haynes has been diagnosed with cancer.  Britney appeared earlier in the Big Brother 15 season, just days before having her daughter, Tilly Elizabeth.  Not many details are known, but the Big Brother community is coming together to support Britney and her family.  At times like this, we are reminded of how Big Brother fans can really come together and make a difference to help someone we all know and love that is in need.

The hashtag #PrayForTilly is being used across Twitter to show support and has already been trending; also a fund has been has been created to help Britney and her husband with the medical bills involved with Tilly’s illness.  Whether it be donating whatever you can, or simply helping spread the word to bring more awareness to Britney’s situation, every little bit helps. 

We are all hoping Tilly can be cured and back to perfect health in no time.  Let’s come together as the Big Brother fan community to help spread the word and raise awareness so Britney can get all the help she needs to get through this difficult time.

The Final Four for Big Brother 15 is Set

Big Brother 15 Final FourIt seems like the Big Brother 15 season has really flown by even though it was an extended season.  It’s hard to believe, but we are down to the final 4 houseguests and the finale will air next week.  It’s been a roller coaster of a season with ups and downs and definitely its fair share of controversy.  The final 4 of GinaMarie, Spencer, Andy, and McCrae hasn’t been overly popular since none of them were really BIG players in the game and have left an underwhelming feeling for many Big Brother fans.

The Big Brother 15 final four is mainly comprised of players who just voted with the house or played both sides throughout the season.  Andy played both sides like no other as he somehow stayed off anyone’s radar by agreeing with whatever side he was talking to.  As the Zingbot pointed out, Andy has definitely earned his title of “floater” this year.  Spencer has pretty much remained the guy that is just friends with everyone (other than maybe Candice) and has been the ultimate pawn, surviving a record number of times on the block before finally winning his first HOH of the season just last week.

McCrae entered the game seeming like a player that knew the game and made an impact right away by becoming the first HOH.  It was during that first HOH run that he hooked up with Amanda, and remained in her shadow for the majority of the season as she made the big decisions.  GinaMaire was a definite underdog this season as no one in the house took her seriously due to her off the wall antics.  She did rack up two HOH wins and ended up being the HOH that made the huge move to take out Amanda.

**Spoiler ahead, don’t read if you want ot be surprised**

It’s going to be interesting to see how things shake out as Andy won both the HOH and POV this week.  It appears that McCrae is the target and will be sent out but anything can happen.  Who do you think has earned the win this year?  Did this end up be a season of floaters even though the aim was to keep the season floater free?  We are winding down over the next week as we are on the road to crowning the winner of Big Brother 15!

Amanda and Elissa Both Get Evicted in Another Crazy Double Eviction Night!

The second double eviction of the Big Brother 15 season is done and it ended up taking out two of the season’s biggest players, and probably eliminated most of the drama in the house in the process.  First off it was Amanda being somewhat blindsided in her eviction as she had been promised Elissa’s vote and therefore felt like she had the numbers to stay.  Little did she know that Andy was the vote that instead tied things up, allowing GinaMarie to break the tie as HOH and choose to evict Amanda.  Amanda was dumbfounded as to how she was evicted until she saw Andy’s goodbye message which revealed that he was the vote.

Up next was the HOH competition which was won by McCrae who had the chance to extract revenge for Amanda’s eviction.  Instead he decided to nominate GinaMarie and Elissa (since he is apparently afraid to nominate males) which was most likely a bad move since Elissa would’ve still been his ally.  Judd won the POV competition and kept the nominations the same, then it was Elissa that ended up being the second eviction of the night by unanimous vote.  As things stand now, the jury house is all females, and “The Exterminators” seem to have the run of the house as they are already planning to target McCrae next.  Of course there are tons of Elissa fans and members of the “Brenchel Army” who aren’t thrilled with how things played out, and we have to agree since Elissa was an X factor in the house that did what she wanted and didn’t let anyone talk her into anything she didn’t want to do.

One of the members of The Exterminators is guaranteed to win tonight’s HOH competition since McCrae cannot play, so he will most likely find himself on the block and vying for POV to save himself this week.  Tune in to the live feeds to see who the new HOH is for the week, as we are down to the final 5 and will get to see how The Exterminators plan on running things this week.

Live Feed Update: GinaMarie and Amanda Go Nose to Nose in Huge Fight!

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

With less than 24 hours until the second double eviction of the season, things in the house are still explosive as ever as evident by another big blowup – this time between GinaMarie and Amanda which saw them throw every insult in the book at each other.  The basis of this confrontation was Amanda’s change in attitude after her deal with Elissa that we covered a couple of days ago.  Now that Amanda knows she has Elissa’s vote, she feels like she will be staying in the house and has suddenly been going around with somewhat of a smirk on her face; little does she know that it is Andy’s vote that will most likely send her packing as it appears he will be loyal to his “Exterminators” alliance.

The showdown began as a shouting match between Amanda and GinaMarie with both hurling every insult they could think of at each other.  GinaMarie hit Amanda with everything from her multiple past relationships, being pregnant while being cast for the show (she lost the baby,) hooking up with McCrae on night 1, having cellulite, being on medication….you name it!  Amanda fired back with insults about Nick (of course,) calling GinaMarie a psycho, calling out GM for being a 33 year old with tongue and “clit” piercings…..yeah, both went extremely hard on each other.  They finally went nose to nose challenging each other to “do something” before Judd stepped in and separated the two.  GinaMarie was ready to go all night with plenty of ammo, but Amanda finally backed off and went to cry in a corner.

Amanda was majorly pissed at McCrae for sitting there and not saying anything as she endured all the insults.  The rest of the guys sat around and tried to hold back laughter over the whole thing (GinaMarie was playing “Jenga” pretty much the entire time she was going at it with Amanda, which added some humor to the whole thing.)  Amanda called them all out for letting it take place, but in the end all of them claimed they didn’t want to be in the middle of it.

With Amanda feeling like she’s safe going into tonight’s double eviction only to be most likely blindsided by Andy’s vote, the fireworks will continue on as Amanda walks out the door without a doubt.  We’re not counting her out yet though, as she looks to have Elissa’s vote and has a chance to sway one more before eviction time.  Things will get REALLY crazy when it’s time for the second eviction of the night as there is no telling who will also leave the house tomorrow.  There is still time to get a free trial of the live feeds (Flashback to 11:20 pm on 9/5 to watch the fight in its entirety) to see where all the craziness goes next!