Big Brother 17 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted in Week 7?

Tonight’s the night that all Big Brother super fans dread and love: double eviction. Tonight, CBS has a two for one deal on evicting Big Brother 17 contestants. However, before the double eviction madness starts, Head of Household Becky Burgess has some unfinished business.

BB17: Shelli vs Vanessa

The last few nights in the Big Brother house have seen Becky’s exciting blindside plan go from in perfect condition to severely damaged. Becky’s “alliance” members, James Huling, Jackie Ibarra, and Meg Maley, decided to go rogue. They convinced themselves that evicting Shelli Poole, instead of Vanessa Rousso, was better for their game.

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Big Brother Spoilers: The Houseguests Become Heroes (PHOTOS)

On Sunday‘s Big Brother 17 episode, we witnessed Becky Burgess nominate Steve Moses and Shelli Poole. These two players were not Becky’s targets. Her real one was Vanessa Rousso. Becky used them to carefully execute a backdoor plan.

BB17: Group Comic

To ensure the success of her plan, she needed someone on her side, or one of the nominees, to win the Power of Veto. Tonight, Becky gets the chance to complete her backdoor dream.

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Big Brother 2015: Julie Chen Reveals What Happened to the Takeover Twists

Many Big Brother 2015 fans may still be wondering what happened to the Big Brother 17 Takeover Twists that we were promised in the first week of the season. On launch night, host Julie Chen promised Big Brother fans new twists every week.

BB17: Julie Chen

These twists lasted for three weeks. The first week’s Takeover Twist had The Amazing Race host Phil Keooghan take over the Big Brother game. He sent in two former Amazing Race players, Jackie Ibarra and Jeff Weldon. Next, he gave players who sat out of that week’s Head of Household competition immunity from eviction.

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Big Brother 2015: The Crazies Come Out to Play (PHOTOS)

Unlike previous Big Brother seasons, Big Brother 17 cast members will only get the photo-booth every two weeks. This should allow the Big Brother 2015 cast to channel their most creative efforts. However, that does not seem to be the case with this week’s photo-booth pictures.

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Big Brother 2015: MVP of Week 6-James Takes Back the Power

James Huling made a huge game move in the first week of Big Brother 2015. He evicted Jace Agolli. Usually, in the first few weeks of Big Brother, players play it safe. They go for easy targets. James taking out Jace set the tone for the Big Brother 2015 season.

BB17: James Huling

After the first week ended, James faded into the background. He became more of the comedy relief, instead of a huge player. When Audrey Middleton was evicted, the game player in James started to reemerge.

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Big Brother 17 Predictions: Who Will Be Evited in Week 6?

All week, the Big Brother 17 houseguests debated whether to keep Shelli Poole or Clay Honeycutt in the game. The power couple have played their entire Big Brother 2015 game as a unit. This means that slight differences could determine who stays and who goes home.

BB17: Shelli and Clay

Shelli is definitely the more physical threat. Clay has more of a social game, and has influenced a lot of her decisions. Together they make up a really strong pair. Individually, Shelli seems like a stronger Big Brother player.

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Big Brother 2015: Who Should Be Evicted in Week 6? (POLL)

This week, Big Brother 2015’s Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt find themselves on the chopping block. The Big Brother 17 Power of Veto ceremony secured their fates. One of them will definitely leave this week on Big Brother. However, we may witness the closest vote yet.

BB17: Clay vs Shelli

Clay tried to make the ultimate Big Brother sacrifice this week: he told everyone to keep Shelli over him. This directly goes against James Huling‘s agenda. James wants Shelli out. She is more of a physical threat to everyone’s Big Brother 2015 game.

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Big Brother 17: Reasons Why the Twin Twist Failed

Tonight Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan entered the game. This will be the first time that they get to play separately in Big Brother 2015. This is the second time in Big Brother history that CBS has done the twin twist. In Big Brother 5, Adria Montgomery-Klein and Natalie Montgomery-Carroll played as one. Then after five evictions, played separately.

BB17: Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan

They managed to go undetected for five weeks. Liz and Julia were not so lucky. Da’Vonne Rogers caught on to the twist in week one. She told everyone about it in week two. Then Jason Roy spread the secret throughout the Big Brother 17 house.

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Big Brother 17: MVP of Week 5-The Evolution of Jackie’s Game

Four weeks ago, the Big Brother 17 fans loved to poke fun of Jackie Ibarra‘s game. They did the whole “who’s Jackie?” skit. They even compared her game to Big Brother 16’s Victoria Rafaeli. Even Big Brother 17 host Julie Chen tried to claim Jackie had no game.

Big Brother 17: Jackie Ibarra and Steve Moses

Prior to Jeff Weldon‘s eviction, Jackie laid back and socialize. She let Jeff to do all the work for their, not-so, secret alliance. His eviction seemed to light a fire under her belt.

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Big Brother 17 Prediction: Who Will Be Evicted Week 5?

Tonight is a major night in the Big Brother 17 house. First, we have the twin twist finally playing out on CBS. Then Big Brother crowns two new Heads of Household. But most importantly someone is evicted on tonight’s Big Brother 2015.

BB17: Becky Burgess, Jason Roy

Head of Household Vanessa Rousso threw the houseguests, and audience, for a loop when she decided to target Jason Roy instead of Austin Matelson. Vanessa promised half the Big Brother 2015 house that Austin would get backdoored. In the final hours leading up to the Power of Veto ceremony, she changed her mind.

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