Big Brother 16 Cast Revealed!

The big day is finally here – the Big Brother 16 cast has been released and we are glad to announce that after all the rumors and speculation, we have a 100% all newbie cast! 

While there may not be any former houseguests in this years cast, there are some notables that range from pop singer Ariana Grande’s brother to a former professional (technically) baseball player, and we also have a female minister and a self-described con artist to top things off!

The age range for this year’s cast is from 21-42 but the majority are in their 20s, most likely since that is the age area that has the best chance of showmancing in the house.  These people come from quite a few different walks of life, which hopefully makes for some interesting situation in the house.

So here they are, the official cast for Big Brother 16!  Below are their pics followed by a short bio (match bio with pic from left to right.)

Amber Borzotra – 26, esthetician from North Hollywood, CA.

Brittany Martinez – 29, event coordinator from Torrance, CA (single mother of 3.)

Caleb Reynolds – 26, Adventure hunting guide from Hopkinsville, KY.

Christine Brecht – 23, Barista from Tucson, AZ.

Cody Calafiore – 23, Sales account executive from Howell, N.J.

Derrick Levasseur – 30, Police officer from Providence, R.I.

Devin Shepherd – 26, Former professional baseball player from San Antonio, TX.

Donny Thompson – 42, School groundskeeper from Albemarle, NC

Frankie Grande – 31, YouTube personality from New York, N.Y. (brother of pop star Ariana Grande)

Hayden Voss – 21, Pedicab driver from Long Beach, CA.

Jocasta Odom – 33, Minister from Lovejoy, GA.

Joey Van Pelt – 27, Makeup Artist/Hairstylist from Seattle, WA.

Nicole Franzel – 21, Recent nursing graduate from Ubly, MI.

Paola Shea – 27, DJ from Astoria, NY.

Victoria Rafaeli – 22, Photographer from Weston, FL.

Zach Rance – 23, Recent college graduate from Palm Beach, FL. (Self-described con artist.)

So there we have it, the 16 people we will be spending our summer with in the Big Brother house.  What are your thoughts on the cast?  It seems pretty diverse, which means we will most likely see some clashes in the house.  Big Brother 16 kicks off in just 6 days, and don’t forget there is still time to lock in your live feeds early and save 20% before the big show begins!

Big Brother 16 House Tour with Julie Chen

Julie Chen BB16 House TourEarlier today we brought you the first pics of the Big Brother 16 house, and now we have the traditional official tour of the house with Julie Chen! 

Julie walks us through most of the house and gives us our first glimpse of this year’s HOH room!  The HOH room features a very interesting bed that looks like a bird’s nest – a “love nest” as Julie aptly names it. 

Not only do we get to check out the majority of the rooms, but we also get a look at the all new HD cameras that will be used and Julie gives us an idea of how much better these cams will be as far as viewing experience.

The house looks pretty over the top compared to recent seasons, and looks like it will be a fun atmosphere for the new Big Brother 16 houseguests!

CBS Interactive Inc.

First Look at the Big Brother 16 House!

Big Brother 16 HouseThe hype for the new season of Big Brother seems to be at an all-time high as season 16 is only one week away and as is the tradition for the week prior to the big premiere, we have our first look at the house for this season!  It seems like the past couple of seasons the house design has been a bit “normal” (outside of the have-not rooms of course) without anything too over the top going on; well this year we’re getting a little crazy back as the house’s theme is “urban treehouse”…..which pretty much tells us there isn’t much normalcy about it.

Featuring rooms with themes like “fire,” “water,” and “earth,” the house is definitely looking different and decked out with colors that will undoubtedly stand out in the all-new HD broadcast.  As mentioned before, we have “fire” and “earth” themed bedrooms, but the fun doesn’t end there as the lounge room looks to have a “beehive” theme and the bathroom has an ultra bright “water” theme that stands out from the rest of the house.

The “earthy” vibe doesn’t stop there as flowers and even tree stumps are integrated throughout the new BB16 house.  Another big difference you may notice is the “landing” area outside of the HOH that now features a picnic table (that of course features the infamous chess set) and really gives off the “treehouse” vibe.  You may also notice a brand new memory wall that is obviously a big advance in technology that will make more things possible with the wall.

Enough of the talk – we’ll let the pics speak for themselves.  Special thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for breaking the very first pics of the new Big Brother house.  Check them out and let us know what you think!

And don’t forget – there is still time to save 20% on Big Brother 16 live feeds with the Early Bird Special before the show kicks off next week (June 25th!)

***UPDATE***  Pics have now surfaced of the BB16 have-not room……and it looks like things will be a little, COLD in there:

Big Brother 16 Premiere Set to Be a TWO Night Event!

BB16 Julie Chen

The Big Brother 16 premiere just became even bigger, as CBS has announced that the premiere will actually be a 2-night event that will  happen over Wednesday June 25th and Thursday June 26th!

So from what we know so far, there will be a Big Brother 16 pre-show hosted by Jeff Schroeder exclusively on the live feeds on Wednesday June 25th followed by the Big Brother 16 HD premiere on CBS.  From there we will have to wait until the next night to see the second half of the premiere on CBS which will be followed by an “All-Nighter” event (looks like Julie is ready in the pic above!) which will see Jeff Schroeder live-tweet the first 16 hours of live feeds as they happen.

So what does all this craziness mean?  Well for one thing, the live feeds and After Dark on TVGN won’t begin until the second night of the premiere.  This is a drastic change from what we’re used to since every year we’re ready to fire up feeds immediately following the first CBS show, so having to wait an extra day will be quite a challenge.

Second, why the two day premiere?  Well rumors are running rampant as usual about returning players, what the twist will be etc.  The only guess is that we will see half the houseguests move in Wednesday and the other Thursday; is there a reason for this?  A possible relatives twist?  Will half the house be returning veterans?  Tuning in to this huge two day event will be the only way to find out!

Big Brother 16 Will Be the First Season to be Broadcast in HD!

Big Brother 16 HDIt’s been a topic that comes up every season for the past few years: “This season DEFINITELY has to be in HD, it just has to!”  Well every year we come up disappointed as we’ve seen the same style broadcast the past few seasons for the most part.  Well that is no longer true, as for the first time in it’s history, the 16th season of Big Brother will finally be broadcast in HD as confirmed by!

Now some of you may be confused as you’ve undoubtedly turned on your local CBS affiliate’s HD channel and watched Big Brother on it for the past few seasons; while it’s true Big Brother airs on both standard and HD channels, what it all comes down to is the equipment used to broadcast which determines if you are seeing true HD.  This year for the first time, the Big Brother house has been completely rewired and outfitted with 76 HD cameras that will provide an unprecedented Big Brother viewing experience. 

But what took so long?  Can you even think of a current popular show that isn’t broadcast in HD?  Well it makes a lot of sense after reading a recent interview with executive producer Allison Grodner on When you think about it, Big Brother isn’t your everyday TV show that just needs a few cameras and has months to edit and produce.  Big Brother had to re-wire the whole house, upgrade their production equipment, and of course install the all new HD cameras.  Speaking of cameras, Grodner also let us know that they’ve added 11 more cameras which will offer live feeders more views than ever and will help keep us right in the action!

So as if the countdown to Big Brother 16 wasn’t already intense enough, we now know that we will have the best viewing experience ever seen in the house.  Stay tuned to Big Brother Fans Blog for even more news as it comes to us, and don’t forget to lock in the special Early Bird price for the HD live feeds! 

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Exclusive Pre-Season Content Now Available on the Live Feeds!

Big Brother 16 Live FeedsCan’t wait until the Big Brother 16 premiere on June 25th?  Well there’s good news!  For the first time, the live feeds are up and running early featuring exclusive content for early bird subscribers!

If you subscribe now for the Big Brother 16 live feeds, not only will you save 20% on the regular price but you will also have access to exclusive chat events with former Big Brother winners, “Where Are They Now?” segments with fan favorite houseguests that are hosted by the one and only Jeff Schroeder, and even full episodes from past seasons!  On top of all that the chat rooms are now open as well so you can join the conversation with other Big Brother fans.

Traditionally we’ve had to wait until premiere night before there is any action on the live feeds, but it seems CBS has realized  that the buzz for a new season heats up weeks before the premiere.  This year the live feeds will play more of a role than ever, as it has been revealed that there will be much more interaction this year with live feeders getting to exclusively vote and influence what happens in the house. 

And as seen below, Big Brother 12 winner Hayden Moss will be chatting live with fans next week, so obviously there is more reason than ever to subscribe to the live feeds and do so early! As if all that wasn’t enough, this year a new feature entitled “Houseguest Tracker” will be introduced to live feeders which will allow you to “track” your favorite houseguests by viewing their current status, challenge wins, alliances, and more. 

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the Big Brother 16 party is already underway and you can begin taking part simply by locking in your feed subscription early.  Once again, we thank all of you who use one of our links to subscribe since it greatly helps us keep our site going being we aren’t one of the Big Brother “megasites” so to speak.. So let’s get the live feeds rolling and prepare ourselves for the season with all these great Early Bird Exclusives!

The Big Brother 16 Live Feed Early Bird Special is Available Now!

CBS Interactive Inc.Believe it or not, we are less than FOUR weeks away from the premiere of Big Brother 16!  This year CBS is wasting no time as they have already made the live feed Early Bird Special available which means you can save 20% on the normal cost.

Of course the live feeds are the place to be for all the 24/7 uncensored action in the Big Brother house.  Throughout the years we’ve seen so much over the top action on the live feeds, it’s no wonder why much of it can’t be shown on the CBS show; from nose to nose shouting matches and uncensored language to bikini clad eye candy in the backyard and sometimes even a peek in the shower or a night vision view of the “late night activity” in the bedrooms – the Big Brother 16 live feeds will be anything but predictable.

Live feed subscribers will be able to watch all the action from the Big Brother house live on virtually any device and if you happen to miss anything, the “Flashback” feature lets you rewind and catch any big moments you may have missed on a given day.

Big Brother 16 kicks off on Wednesday June 25th on CBS and the live feeds will begin that night as well.  This is our 9th season of coverage and we appreciate all of you that subscribe to the live feeds using a link from our site which really helps our site continue on and continue to grow beyond anything we expected over 7 years ago when we started this out as a fun project. Thanks again to you all and don’t forget to lock in your Early Bird Special!

Big Brother 16 Set to Premiere on June 25th!

Julie Chen Big Brother 16That’s right, the premiere date for the 16th season of Big Brother is officially June 25th, which means for the second season in a row we are starting early! 

As you may recall, last year Big Brother 15 started 2 weeks earlier than normal which gave us the longest season yet, and it looks like that tradition will continue this year with Big Brother 16. Things will be kicking off with the traditional Big Brother schedule of Sunday, Wednesday, and live eviction Thursday airings (last year they went with Tues-Wed-Thurs but changed it back after a couple of weeks.) 

Last year was one of the most controversial seasons of all time; with the racist remarks made by numerous houseguests making headlines and casting a black cloud over the entire season.  This year producers will no doubt be out to hit a home run to make up for last year, but hopefully that doesn’t mean they’ll censor TOO much, because we all know as fans that love Big Brother because of it’s “anything can happen” nature.

The countdown is on, just over 3 months away from the kickoff of Big Brother 16!  For now, keep in mind Big Brother Canada season 2 is in full swing and that’s more than holding us all over for our Big Brother fix.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars – Big Brother 16 on Wednesday, June 25th on CBS!