BB16 Week 3 POV Spoilers

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**
Big Brother JocastaBig Brother 16 continues to be a wild roller coaster since the twist involving having 2 HOHs each week along with the new “Battle of the Block” competition have added an element of unpredictability that hasn’t been seen in previous seasons.  This week we saw Derrick reign as the HOH after his nominees (Caleb and Jocasta) lost the Battle of the Block, thus dethroning Nicole as HOH and removing Amber and Donny from the block.  Of course that left the Power of Veto competition to really decide things, and to determine if the master plan to backdoor Devin would fall into place.
Things took a bit of a crazy twist going into the POV competition, as Jocasta became very suck and had to see a medic. It was determined that she was extremely dehydrated and would be unable to compete in the competition.  The plan to backdoor Devin was also put into jeopardy when he was picked to play in the POV, which opened the door for him to win and destroy the whole backdoor plan for the week.
As things turned out, Donny once again won the POV and pretty much locked in that A. he is to be taken more seriously than many of them probably thought, and B. Devin is most likely indeed being backdoored this week.  Apparently Donny walked right into the house after his win to Jocasta’s bed and symbolically presented it to her as she lay there still sick…..sounds like must-see TV this Wednesday!  After all this, Donny indeed used the POV to take Jocasta off the block and Devin went up in her place. 
There is always plenty going on this season, as this week we’ve also seen Team America (Donny, Derrick, and Frankie) attempt to accomplish their mission which was spreading a rumor that Zach was related to Amanda Zuckerman from last season, and it seemed like they got the job done.  Also Devin has told the house that he’s accepted his fate as being backdoored this week, but it still seems like he may be trying the friendly approach in hopes the house would flip.
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Live Feed Update: The Bomb Squad Implodes!

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**
BB16 Bomb SquadJust a couple of days ago we revealed that Zach went up on the block as Devin’s replacement nominee after he used the POV to take Brittany down, which threw the “Bomb Squad” alliance into a state of turmoil.  Things started to become divided in the group at that point since Zach went up regardless of the fact that he was a member of the alliance.  Other members like Derrick and Cody obviously did not want to vote their ally (Zach) out, so a plan to gather up the votes to save Zach was set into motion and has ultimately completely exposed The Bomb Squad to the entire house at this point.
Over the last few days Devin has continued to try to run the house (and the Bomb Squad) as he made the decision to put up another member of the alliance when he nominated Zach without the consent of the other members.  As we will see in tonight’s CBS episode, Zach apparently went off on a legendary rant after being nominated that really shook the house up.  Devin’s response to this was to bring Hayden in and make him yet another member of “The Squad,” seemingly to replace Zach.  All of these moves seemed to cause just about everyone else in the group to lose faith in Devin, and consider saving Zach and sending Paola home tomorrow night.
As word starting to get around that Zach would have the votes to stay, Derrick planted the seeds to Caleb that maybe he too should just vote for Zach to stay and bring the group back together rather than being the only votes against Zach.  Derrick masterfully influenced Caleb into agreeing that Zach should stay, and Zach solidified the deal by meeting with Caleb himself.  Zach made somewhat of a controversial move by making an agreement with Caleb that he wouldn’t go after him or Amber, and would also not go after Devin for two weeks…..which is any one’s guess as far as Zach staying true to that.

As everyone agreed that the votes will be for Zach to stay, Caleb gave Frankie the unfortunate job of going upstairs and telling Devin that Zach would indeed be staying.  Devin’s response was to immediately remove himself as a member of The Bomb Squad, and tell Frankie that he is going to take the whole house out 1 by 1.  That was seemingly it, but Devin being Devin had to take things a step further.  From that point Devin went to multiple members of the house and exposed the entire Bomb Squad to them, revealing all details down to what day it was formed and who was all in it.  This of course has made Devin enemy number 1 in the house, and will undoubtedly have the target on his back next week.

With Devin being the most disliked person in the house and basically hiding up in his HOH and hardly communicating with anyone in the house, it’s going to be a very interesting week once Devin moves back downstairs.   The revelation of the Bomb Squad to the other houseguests has caused major mistrust in the house and has thrown off the game of many houseguests like Derrick and Frankie that were well-liked and trusted by many in the house.

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BB16 Week 2 POV and Team America Spoilers

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**

BB16 ZachThe whirlwind that is Big Brother 16 has blown into week 2, and the “honeymoon” period is definitely already over in the house.  As seen last night on CBS, this week’s HOHs made their nominations – Devin nominated Brittany and Paola while Amber (who was highly “influenced” by Devin) nominated Hayden and Nicole.  At the end of the episode we saw Nicole and Hayden win the battle of the block, thus Amber was dethroned as HOH and Brittany and Paola were left to battle things out.

From the beginning of his HOH reign, Devin has made it clear that Brittany is his target, basically because she was friends with Joey and also because it’s obvious she will stand up for herself and won’t be directed by him.  Going into the POV, it was still pretty evident that Brittany would be the target one way or another.  We can confirm that Devon won the POV this week, and it looked like things were going to be pretty cut and dry, but this IS Big Brother and things can change on an hourly basis.

At first word began going around the house that the rest of the house didn’t want Brittany gone and wouldn’t vote her out; when word reached Devin it became apparent that he had to make a move so he called Brittany up to talk things out.  Somehow in that meeting, Brittany talked herself out of being Devin’s target by talking about being a single mom etc. and deserving to stay.  Devin actually tried to somewhat align with Brittany and she wisely agreed to whatever he said since this was her chance at safety.

Devin’s next idea was to use the POV on Paola (which he promised her when he asked her to throw the Battle of the Block competition) and replace her with Victoria, with the idea that Victoria would go out.  Well that plan didn’t go over so well either with the house, but the beginning of the “Bomb Squad” falling apart really set things in motion this week.

During all the craziness, it came out that Zach has been talking about Devin needing to go home next week which of course got back to Devin.  Devin let Zach know that he no longer trusted him which caused dissention between the two and set off a new idea: put Zach up as the replacement nominee. That’s exactly what happened earlier today as Devin used the POV on Brittany (of all people) and replaced her with Zach.  As the live feeds returned, everything was falling apart as Zach “outed”  the Bomb Squad to Hayden and is full on attack mode, telling everyone he is no longer a part of the Bomb Squad and plans on forming his own alliance.  So this week, either Zach or Paola will be going home.

On the other side of things, the final 2 members of Team America have been revealed and they are Derrick and Frankie.  So Frankie, Derrick, and Donny will be doing missions for America and they have already come together as a new secret alliance. 

Things are getting heated now with multiple alliances crossing up and feuding in the house.  Be sure to jump in and follow all the action live with the 2 day free trial of the live feeds.

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BB16 Live Feed Update: Devin Calls a House Meeting; May Be Losing It

**Warning, this post may contain spoilers**

Big Brother 16 Dein CryingIf you watched last night’s CBS episode, it started to become clear that Caleb and Devin really believe they already have a hold on the house and feel like they will run the entire season.  The last few days on the live feeds have been full of the duo not winning many points with the houseguests, between Caleb literally obsessing over Amber and Devin being a loose cannon that no one can predict when it comes to his mood or thought process.  Devin took things a step further when he decided to call a house meeting last night…and put on a show that would’ve made a lot of sense if he was on the block and trying to save himself…but he’s not.

It all seemed to begin when things started crashing down in this Caleb/Amber saga (major cases of he said she said) and it seemed like all the drama seemed to point back to Devin.  As Caleb and Amber finally began to talk it out, Devin began going around the house saying he needed to call a house meeting.  Now the thought process here would be that Devin was going to maybe come clean about the Bomb Squad or maybe out Caleb in some way to take the heat off himself – but that’s not exactly what went down.

Before holding his meeting Devin went to Donny personally and came clean about his involvement in getting Donny put up on the block, claiming he “forced” Caleb to do so because he doubted who Donny was.  Why did Devin do this?  Could he really have just felt that bad about it?  Devin got emotional and Donny forgave him, then it was time to move on the rest of the house (besides Amber and Caleb who couldn’t pull themselves away from their own convo. to join the meeting.)

Devin stood before the rest of the houseguests and began his big revelation as tears flowed almost immediately.  He repeated the story about forcing Caleb to nominate Donny, and told them all he cared about was what his daughter thought of him (if you didn’t know, yes, he has a daughter.)  He continued on that he wants to play the game from here on out with honesty and respect (seems like we’ve heard all this before) and he wants his daughter to go back in 10-20 years and be OK with what she sees.

That was pretty much the gist of the meeting, and the houseguests were all left just as confused as the rest of us as to what the point of it all actually was.  As for Devin, he went to the HOH bathroom stall and cried. 

BB16 Devin Crying

So what did all this mean?  What Devin trying to gain sympathy before the house turned on him?  Did he realize he should have kept his alliance with Donny?  Or is the guy just flat out crazy?  It really didn’t make a lot of sense from a game perspective, and could’ve really been something to use down the road if he was ever in danger.  Things are going to get even more interesting tonight when two NEW HOH’s are crowned which will no doubt bring even more crazy to the house (if that’s possible.)

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BB16 Week 1 POV Spoilers and Live Feed Updates

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

BB16 SpoilersIs your head spinning yet from the information overload that has been the first week of Big Brother 16?  You are not alone. Actually all the new twists and turns in the game have made the new season quite exciting, but it’s without a doubt been a whirlwind to keep up with. 

As seen on last night’s CBS episode, the game’s new element “Battle of the Block” adds a lot to the game and even more possibilities when it comes to shaking things up.  In the first round of this new game, we saw Victoria and Brittany beat Donny and Paola which resulted in their safety and Frankie losing his HOH power.  With Caleb’s nominees still on the block, it was down to the power of veto that was held over the weekend to save either Donny or Paola.

As surprising as it might seem, Donny actually pulled out the POV win over the weekend and is now safe from eviction!  Now here’s where things get a bit foggy being the episodes haven’t caught us up yet on everything that happened in the past week in the house.  Of course Donny removed himself from the block, but somehow Joey became the big target in the house after somehow outing the girl’s alliance by coming clean about it.  It seems odd as to why this all happened but it may come down to Joey not being familiar with the show before being cast, and she must have made a wrong move or told the wrong person too much at some point.

With that being said, Joey went up as the replacement nomination and of course we know that the whole “Team America” twist could now be in jeopardy with her on the block.  As of now, Joey is campaigning hard to stay and Paola isn’t doing much of anything (which seems to be the reason the house would keep her ((can you say pawn?)) 

So if Joey is indeed evicted this week, where does that leave Team America?  As of this afternoon, Joey chose to reveal her Team America status to only Hayden…but will that help or hurt her?  The live feeds have been crazy so far between scheming, campaigning, and even some late night partying!  Don’t forget you can check out the feeds for free with the 2 day trial, and they’re definitely worth checking out this year!

The Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Have Begun!

Big Brother 16 Live FeedsAfter a grueling wait that spanned over the special 2 day premiere, the Big Brother 16 live feeds are officially up and running!  The energy from this all-new cast was apparent right away, as the house proceeded to go crazy yelling and screaming throughout every room in the house when they got word that they were live.

After the initial crazy run through the house, things got even more wild as Joey and Hayden decided it was time break in the live feeders with a naked streak through the house!  There have to be some records in there somewhere for fastest streak in the house.

So far so good as far as this cast being full of energy and not just sitting around.  We can’t wait to see what happens when things start getting hostile as they always do.  It seems like there isn’t a lot of tension in the house yet and they are still in the fun “honeymoon” period at the moment, so it will be interesting to see who starts feuding first.

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When Do the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds Start?

Big Brother 16 Live FeedsToday is THE big day; Big Brother 16 kicks off tonight with part one of the special 2 night premiere. While tonight is the official kick off of Big Brother 16, one big change that will undoubtedly throw some fans off is the fact that the live feeds do NOT begin tonight.  We’ve been receiving a ton of questions on this topic, so we’re here to set the record straight on how this live feed situation will work.

For the first time that we’re aware of, the Big Brother live feeds will not begin on the night of the premiere.  This move is undoubtedly being done because the premiere is a 2 night event that will see two HOHs crowned for the first time, and CBS obviously doesn’t want to give away any of the results before the full premiere airs.

So while tonight (June 25th) is indeed the Big Brother 16 premiere, the live feeds will not begin until tomorrow night (June 26th) following the CBS show.  The good news is there is still time to get the special early bird price on feeds and save 20% before they go live, but this is your last chance!

While watching the CBS premiere and not being able to watch the feeds after will undoubtedly cause some craziness with many Big Brother fans, Julie Chen’s show “The Talk” provided us with this preview just to make the wait for live feeds even more unbearable.  Looks like Frankie is already aiming to be a star of the show:

Breaking BB16 Video: Preview of the Houseguests Competing in the First HOH!


So far very little information has been released about how this crazy 2 day premiere of Big Brother16 will work, nor has their been any pics or sneak previews like we usually get every year.  Well all of that just changed as CBS has released a sneak preview video of the houseguests competing in the first HOH competition of the season! 

In the video, we see Julie welcoming eight (yes EIGHT) of the houseguests to the competition which involves them staying on a rolling platform while holding on to a kite.  The number eight is significant because it is only half of the house, which will obviously lead to this competition crowing only 1 of the 2 eventual HOHs for this week. 

This little taste has us primed and ready for what will hopefully be a great season – just seeing all these fresh faces ready to compete can cause some major Big Brother withdrawal. So if you weren’t excited enough for the big premiere tomorrow night on CBS, this sneak preview video may just have you climbing the walls!

Video: Big Brother 16 Media Day Featuring Rachel Reilly and More!

BB16 Media DayAs the clock keeps on ticking toward the Big Brother 16 premiere, more of the yearly happenings we are used to seeing are being released and today we have video of the traditional “Media Day” that takes place each year before the season begins. 

Each year, lucky members of the media are selected to enter the Big Brother house and spend the day playing through a Big Brother week and getting a first run at the season’s new house layout.  This year the members of the media got a few special treats, the first of which was Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly joining them to play through an HOH competition, nomination ceremony, POV, and of course an eviction.

We won’t spoil the rest, but lets just say Rachel isn’t the only Big Brother alumni that makes an appearance as some of the competitions have very special hosts including a former winner!  Here is the full video of the Big Brother 16 Media Day:

Last Chance to Save 20% on the Big Brother 16 Live Feeds!

Big Brother 16Can you believe the kickoff to the Big Brother 16 season is this week?!  It’s definitely true and all the action begins this Wednesday (June 25th) with part 1 of the 2 night Big Brother Premiere on CBS.  Of course all of this means the all new HD live feeds will begin on Thursday night (June 26th) and now is your last chance to lock in 20% off with the special early bird price.

The buildup to the Big Brother 16 season has been bigger than ever, and of course the talk of the Big Brother world right now is the cast reveal that took place last week.  It looks like we have a great cast of 16 diverse houseguests that are 100% newbies with no veterans joining the cast this year – and we all know how great an all new excited cast of houseguests can be in the house! 

The excitement for this year’s season is not without reason, and CBS has been steadily dropping bits of information that would have any true Big Brother fan exited.  From the show being broadcast in HD for the first time ever, to the announcement that this season will feature TWO HOHs every week (at least for the first few weeks) and that an all new competition titled “Battle of the Block” will take place and leave only ONE of the HOHs with true power each week.  And don’t forget, this year’s feeds will be more interactive than ever!  Featuring live chats, member-only votes that will influence aspects of the game, and many more exclusives for live feeders only.  And don’t forget, the feeds can be viewed on any mobile device as well!

With 16 brand new houseguests in the house and so many twists going on that it will be virtually impossible for any “floaters” to go too far in the game, we are in for a wild ride and it all begins this week!  Don’t forget, now is your last chance to lock in the special price on live feeds, so take advantage while you still can!  Special thanks to all of you that have already or plan on subscribing to the feeds from our site; it is greatly appreciated and greatly helps support our efforts on the site!

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