Derrick Levasseur Wins Big Brother 16!

Derrick Wins Big Brother 16 It’s hard to believe another season of Big Brother 16 is in the books, but the dust is settling on the season and one person is standing tall as the latest Big Brother winner…..his name is Derrick Levasseur and we would like to congratulate him.

In the beginning of the season, it sounded like it would be very interesting to see if an actual undercover police officer could translate his skills over to the Big Brother game; while Derrick kept the fact that he was a cop under wraps to everyone in the house, we got to watch him piece together a strategy that unbelievably kept him off the block for the ENTIRE season….an amazing feat in itself.  Sadly, we felt like Derrick wasn’t really challenged at all this season since no one else in the house was bold enough to make big moves or go against the majority.  Big Brother legends like Dr. Will and Dan Gheesling had to overcome amazing hurdles to achieve their status, but to us it didn’t seem like Derrick had the chance to show such skill since those type of hurdles were never presented this season.

Honestly we had a hard time sticking with this season all the way to the end; it wasn’t that the cast was bad, in fact we were very excited to see an all-new cast and one that looked quite diverse at that.  It’s just that the way things played out made things very boring by the end; no one wanted to make big moves, no one wanted to turn on anyone, basically all the things that we love about Big Brother just didn’t happen this season.  Seeing the majority of the females sent packing early, leaving a group of guys that BARELY wanted to vote each other out with only 5 houseguests left really just felt flat.

We did get to see breakout favorites like Zach and Donny gain quite a following during the season, a fact that shined through as Donny won “America’s Favorite” by far this year and not only gained $25,000, but at least 1 soap opera cameo….not bad for a school janitor!  Zach Attack will undoubtedly be remembered as the entertainment this year, and probably the eviction that hurt the most – we would’ve really liked to see him stick around and shake up the dominant group of guys that ran the game.

Derrick will undoubtedly be asked back if there is ever an All-Stars season and it would still be entertaining to see how he handled some real challenging situations in the game.  None the less, Derrick remaining off the block for the entire season is astounding and he does deserve credit for that accomplishment.  Cody had the opportunity to take Victoria to the end and he would’ve had the game in his pocket, but Derrick had him so convinced that they really were completely loyal to each other that Cody chose loyalty over the money…it would’ve been interesting to see if Derrick would have done the same for him.

What were your thoughts on the season?  Did it erase all the bad memories from Big Brother 15?  Or do you prefer more action in your Big Brother seasons, controversial or not?  Maybe in the end this season really showed why Big Brother is one of the most “real” reality shows out there….the game plays out as it may and sometimes as luck would have it, it’s not the most exciting scenario. We did gain some memorable players, and a new champion in Derrick who has created even more buzz about who the true “mastermind” in Big Brother history really is.

BB16 Spoilers: The Winner of Tonight’s Endurance Competition and New HOH is…

On tonight’s episode of Big Brother 16 we FINALLY got a much anticipated endurance competition and it was the traditional comp. that has the houseguests going back and forth on a slippery surface trying to fill an item to the point they can retrieve a ball or other small item etc.  This year it was a snowman, and the usual slipping and sliding highlight reel will no doubt have plenty of material as usual.

As usual, Big Brother threw a “temptation” into the game as there was also an option to instead fill a smaller snowman and get a 5 thousand dollar reward, but at the same time receive “holla” shout outs in the house for the rest of the season as a punishment. 

The game lasted over 2 hours, and the first winner was Derrick who filled the smaller snowman and won the 5 grand along with the random “hollas” for the rest of the season.  Not long after Derrick’s victory, Caleb was the first one to fill his snowman and retrieve his piece of coal, thus winning HOH for the week.

While Caleb doesn’t exactly shake things up as HOH as much as Nicole would have, there’s at least a possibility that he will make a move unlike Cody who always proves to be too scared to make moves as HOH.  As the numbers dwindle down, hopefully ONE of these guys realize a big move is needed if they don’t want to be battling against the strongest people in the house in the end.  Hopefully we’re not looking at yet another boring week with Caleb taking the easy route and putting Nicole and Victoria on the block.

Caleb has been boasting for weeks about any owning any endurance comps that come their way, and now he’s once again backed up his words; if he doesn’t make a move this week, you would think SOMEone else in the alliance will realize the need to start turning on each other and MAYbe get a little action in the season before it’s too late!

Live Feed Update: The House Explodes and Frankie Chooses to Reveal His True Identity

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**

BB16 ZachIf you watched the live feeds at all in the last day or so, you had to know the house was set to explode at any minute with Zach declaring war on Frankie and many of the others agreeing that Frankie should be the target this week.  As we reported in our Double Eviction Recap, Nicole and Christine won the HOH competition and have named their nominees for the week.  Nicole nominated Frankie and Caleb while Christine nominated Zach and Donny.  A plan was put together throughout the day yesterday that would see Caleb sit down as the Battle of the Block competition began and hence throw it so Zach and Donny could win and Frankie would be the target to be evicted this week….lets just say that plan didn’t quite work out.

Before the Battle of the Block competition, Zach had refused to talk to Frankie at all after he had talked to Nicole and learned that Frankie was behind much of the original plan to send him out this week.  Zach helped formulate the plan for Caleb to throw the “BOTB” competition as everyone pointed out to Caleb that Frankie was the one behind the lies that got Amber sent home, which of course was all Caleb needed to hear.

Apparently what went down was Caleb followed through and did indeed sit down and “throw” the BOTB competition, but somehow someway, Frankie won it BY HIMSELF.  This had to make for great TV, seeing Frankie turn around the plan and pull out a victory on his own.  Of course as the feeds came back, Zach was looking defeated as he was set to remain on the block with Donny, and Frankie was now safe for the week.

BB16 Frankie

This didn’t stop Zach from absolutely going OFF on Frankie and calling him out on his lies in front of everyone.  Even the normally quiet and passive Cody got heated as he and Zach called Frankie out on a plan to get them both on the block against each other.  Obviously feeling exposed to the entire house, Frankie decided it was time to pull the one card he had left……..the Ariana Grande card.

At first Frankie called in the guys to bedroom to drop his big “bombshell;” that being that he is a “YouTuber” and “Social Media Mogul” (bit of a stretch if you ask us) and that he was the brother of pop star Ariana Grande.  The guys seemed semi-shocked, but many of them didn’t really know who is famous sister was.  Frankie then moved on to the girls who were a bit more astounded by the news, especially Victoria because she’s an admittedly big Ariana fan.

This move was probably smart timing wise because Frankie was being exposed to the whole house at the time, and this news made at least a couple of the girls feel like they were in the house with someone “famous” and may have taken some heat off of him.

**Late night update** – we can now confirm that ZACH won the POV competition and will obviously be taking himself off the block!  This was a best case scenario for entertainment as obviously Zach will call people out and stir things up just like he did with Frankie last night.  Things are finally getting interesting in the house, and it seems like we’re finally getting some “must-see” feed action for the first time this season.  Here’s to hoping the drama keeps up with both Frankie AND Zach safe this week!

BB16 Double Eviction Recap and Spoilers on the New HOHs

**Warning – This post contains spoilers**
Big Brother 16 Double Eviction Results

As expected, it was a wild night in the Big Brother house as the first double eviction episode of the season caused some much needed chaos.  As mentioned earlier, the house flipped and decided to keep Zach which set up a blindside situation on Nicole/Hayden/Jocasta/Donny since they were told Zach was going out.

The blindside worked as the other side had no idea when the vote went down and Jocasta was the one evicted.  The night moved on quickly to the first HOH competition of the night and Caleb ended up being the winner, he then nominated Donny and Hayden for eviction. 

In another pretty shocking performance, Donny won POV yet again and removed himself from the block.  Caleb kept the attack going on the other side of the house by nominating Nicole as Donny’s replacement.  Then in the second eviction of the night, Hayden was voted out and will join Jocasta as the second houseguest in the jury house.  One thing to keep in mind is that Julie let Hayden know that he might have a shot to get back in the game, which probably means they’ll be giving a jury member the chance to return to the game like last year.

Since the exit of both Jocasta and Hayden on tonight’s episode, the houseguests have played another HOH competition which crowned the 2 new HOHs for the week, and in another twist that adds to this already crazy night, Nicole and Christine are the new HOHs for the week!

With Nicole on the warpath after seeing her closest ally blindsided and sent packing, she will undoubtedly be aiming to extract revenge on those she feels are responsible.  Christine on the other hand is stuck in a tough spot, because her lying has been exposed and hardly anyone in the house trusts here so it should be interesting to see who she targets.

It’s going to be an interesting week now that we finally have some battle lines drawn; here’s to hoping the excitement keeps up after we’ve had a rather dull season with most everyone getting along for the most part.

BB16 Live Feed Update: Will Zach Survive Tonight’s Double Eviction?

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**
BB16 ZachTo be honest, this hasn’t been the most exciting week in the Big Brother house.  It seems like any hostility in the house was all but gone once Amber and Brittany walked out the door.  Originally when Nicole and Donny won the HOH competition last week it seemed like we would get a shift in power and the possibility a big move such as a backdoor move on Caleb or Frankie, but the way things turned out didn’t exactly produce the best scenario. 
Christine winning the POV threw a wrench into any backdoor plans since she chose not to use it, so Jocasta and our ever-entertaining villain Zach were left on the block.  Things looked even more grim when the house decided that Zach needed to go this week, which made it seem like any chance of hostility and fights would go out the door with him.  Luckily at the last minute, things have taken a huge turn that may reignite the fire in the Big Brother house tonight after this season’s first double eviction episode.
Last night it was Caleb of all people that pointed out to Derrick that if they evicted Zach, they would be losing one of their numbers; a light bulb seemed to go off in Derrick’s brain, as he suddenly realized that it seemed like Nicole/Hayden/Donny were taking out the original Bomb Squad members one by one.  With this information, Derrick/Caleb/Frankie/Cody/Christine got together and decided it was time to make a huge move by blindsiding the others in the house and actually keeping Zach! 
This is great news for fans obviously, as Zach is pretty much the only loose cannon in the house and losing him would not be good for the excitement levels in the house.  Jocasta on the other hand hasn’t done much in the house, so seeing her go doesn’t feel like a big loss.  The fact that battle lines could be drawn over this move, ADDED to the fact we’re looking at a double eviction, tonight’s episode probably has the most hype of any episode thus far.
Will Zach stay in the house or will the house flip once again?  Will we finally see some hostility in the house over this big move?  And which houseguests will unexpectedly ALSO leave the house tonight in the night’s second eviction.  All questions will be answered tonight so be sure to lock in your 2 day free trial of the live feeds and catch all the aftermath, and also be the first to see who the NEW HOH will be this week after two houseguests are sent out the door tonight! 

BB16 HOH Competition Spoilers: The New HOHs This Week are…..

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**

Big Brother 16 HOHIt is very rare for an HOH competition that isn’t an endurance competition to actually go over the TV time and have to cut off before the end, but that’s exactly what happened on tonight’s episode as the intense “true/false” competition kept going and going.

After numerous questions, there were still 5 houseguest standing and Julie had to cut it short due to TV time constraints and the rest of the competition will air on Sunday.  We’ve been on the live feeds and can confirm that Donny and Nicole are this week’s HOHs!  This should be good for entertainment value since we’ve needed a shakeup with HOHs that are outside the big alliance in the house. 

As of now, Donny and Nicole have decided to bring Hayden in to help them make decisions and it appears like the three of them realize what’s going on as far as who is dominating the game right now.  It looks like all are agreeing that Caleb or Frankie should go this week, and it all boils down to how to go about getting that done. 

Seeing either Caleb or Frankie sweat it out on the block should be interesting to see, and will shake up the monotony of seeing the same people on the block every week.  Finally we could see an underdog make a big move in the game and should amp up the emotions in the game.  Don’t forget you can still get a free 2 day trial of the live feeds and follow all the action as it unfolds!

BB16 Live Feed Update: Caleb’s Countdown to Meltdown

Caleb melting downIt’s been evident  probably since week one of Big Brother 16 that Caleb has pretty much been obsessed with fellow houseguest Amber; his non stop persistence of some sort of relationship despite the fact that she has shut the idea down in every way and never even made it seem like a possibility has become a source of pathetic humor for Big Brother fans far and wide.  But now Amber is on the block and a Caleb meltdown may not be far behind her probable exit, but the question has been who will feel the brunt of the “Beastmode Cowboy’s” fury?

This past week, things have become even more confusing as the saga between Caleb and Amber continues to twist and turn and some the houseguests continue to manipulate the situation.  Last week, Caleb had a “date” with Amber in the backyard and made another attempt at telling her how he felt (as if she doesn’t know 10 times over by now) and Amber smiled to be nice but didn’t commit to anything as usual.  In all this, it later got back to Caleb that Amber said she was just being nice and that’s the only reason she accepted going on the date.  Caleb of course was devastated by this news and ignored Amber for a few days over it.  This is how the idea came about to put Amber up as Victoria’s replacement on the block, but in Caleb’s mind it was just to “scare” Amber and bring her back to the “Bomb Squad” he thinks is still together for the most part.

On the flip side, the other side of the house has been manipulating the situation and has been targeting Amber all along.  Their cover was almost blown two nights ago when Caleb and Amber actually spoke and cleared the air, and in the process a few details were revealed that made them both realize that Frankie was the one stirring the pot and Zach was doing a lot of the dirty work.  Caleb apologized to Amber for his part in getting her put up, and it seemed like he would be campaigning to help her stay this week initially.  After some heated conversations, it really wasn’t clear which route Caleb was going to take.

BB16 CalebWHICH brings us to last night on the live feeds.  Amber decided it was a good idea to tell Cody that if she stayed her target would be Caleb because he is “messing with her game.” Of course Cody ran back and told everyone this tidbit to the rest of the group who were simultaneously debating on whether they should tell Caleb that Amber was the target beforehand or just blindside him with her eviction and risk him going after all of them because of it.  Cody’s tidbit of info. made all the difference in their decision, and it was decided that they would tell Caleb that the plan is to indeed evict Amber.

As they prepare to tell Caleb of their decision it really was not known how Caleb would react; would he go off on all of them?  Would he break down crying since he still thinks him and Amber some kind of couple?  Or would he just agree with them as to not go against the group?  The approach was telling Caleb that Amber told Cody he was her target, which upon hearing this news Caleb stood up with tears in his eyes and stormed out of the room.  After returning not long after, Caleb made it clear that he plans on going off on Amber due to this news, and plans on doing so during the live eviction on CBS! 

Caleb being the loose cannon that he is originally wanted to start pranking Amber right away by dumping ice water on her and such but was talked out of it by the other guys.  As it stands now, Caleb has asked production about being able to address Amber during the live show and it’s unclear how he plans on doing it.  Depending on how the wind blows that day, Caleb could take the “high road” instead and not say anything to Amber at all, or he could even break down as he sees her walk out the door knowing that she won’t be waiting for him in the jury house.  None the less, we are likely to see some sort Caleb meltdown in the next 24 hours, so be sure to tune in to CBS for this week’s live eviction!

Breaking News: Derrick’s Grandfather Passes Away

In an absolutely surreal situation given the highly publicized death of Frankie’s grandfather just 2 days ago, Derrick has learned that his grandfather has also passed away.  Derrick was called to the DR moments ago and received a letter from his family just as Frankie did, notifying him of the passing.

It’s a rare occurrence for an unfortunate family situation like this to happen during the Big Brother season, but for it to happen twice within a couple of days is really a horrible thing for the house to have to go through.  Frankie was one of the first to console Derrick, as obviously he is going through his own grief but now has to watch one of his housemates suffer through it as well.

Right now the house is very quiet and somber as to be expected with all this happening. Our thoughts along with undoubtedly all of the Big Brother fans will be with both Derrick and Frankie as they will both continue to deal with these unbelievably tough situations.

BB16 Live Feed Update: Frankie is Told About his Grandfather’s Death

As first reported by TMZ yesterday, Frankie’s grandfather passed away after battling cancer and the initial word was that one of his grandfather’s last requests was that Frankie not be told so that he could continue on in the Big Brother game.  We heard from MANY of you yesterday who felt like this was not right and Frankie deserved to be told.  As it turned out, producers made the call for Frankie to be told and allowed his family to write him a letter to break the news.

As feeds came back from being on fish, Frankie was surrounded by the other houseguests as he talked about the loss of his grandfather.  He let them know his family wrote that they wanted him to stay in the house, and that his grandfather had been watching him all this time including on live feeds.

Before long Frankie’s spirits were back up as he was laughingly telling stories about his grandfather and the many memories he has.  Many of the houseguests had a hard time keeping it together as they were undoubtedly thinking of their own families during this tough time for Frankie. The entire house (minus Caleb who was sleeping for some reason) came together and had a group hug to make Frankie feel better, it was a nice moment to see in the house.

Through all this, it seems that none of the houseguest have put together the “Ari” and “Grande” name when Frankie talks about his sister, which of course is reference to his famous sister Ariana Grande.  We figured he might let them in on this fact during this emotional time, but he really has kept it together.  Last night on After Dark and on live feeds, Frankie was allowed to do a eulogy for his grandfather where he emotionally talked about his life and his many memories – classy move by Big Brother by allowing him to do that.

Frankie is really showing his fighting spirit by staying in the house, as we’ve seen houseguests in the past leave for less serious reasons.  He is now extra motivated to win the game, and has been told production will give him a picture of his grandfather if he wins HOH again.  Our thoughts are with Frankie and his family at this rough time.

BB16 Spoilers: The Winners of the Egg Competition and New HOHs are…

**Warning – this post contains spoilers**
As tonight’s live eviction episode of Big Brother went off the air, we were left in suspense as the houseguests had been paired up in a competition that involved moving a dozen eggs through a course like we’ve seen single players do in previous seasons. 
With Devin being evicted earlier in the night, this competition would dictate where the power in the house would go next being such a huge threat was now gone.  As we  left the air it looked like the team of Amber and Zach were in the lead with the team of Cody and Frankie not far behind.  As it turns out Cody and Frankie ended up winning the competition and are the HOHs this week going into the next Battle of the Block competition.
It seems like Derrick is already pushing the two to nominate all girls, but of course as we learned America has voted that Team America should target a physical threat this week, so Caleb’s name may eventually get thrown into the mix.
Just a quick update for those of you wondering how tonight’s competition turned out, should be an interesting week as the house seems to be very upbeat now that Devin is GONE!