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Rabid “Big Brother” fans (like me) are getting more than their usual bleeped and blurred hours on CBS three nights a week this summer.

This season, CBS’ premium-cable sister channel ShoToo will transmit live feeds from the Big Brother house 9 p.m. till midnight PT seven days a week.

Because ShoToo is premium cable, that means uncensored language and nakedness.

Both the CBS and ShoToo versions of the show premiere July 5.

I note that ShoToo is offered by both DirecTV and Time Warner cable as part of their standard Showtime packages.

The ShoToo show won’t be terribly different, of course, from the “Big Brother” feeds RealNetworks has traditionally offered 24/7 on the Internet during the contest – but one imagines ShoToo will offer better resolution (and maybe fewer blackouts?) than RealNetwork’s feeds. (Sadly, ShoToo appears to be available nowhere yet in HD.)

Viewers can still get the 24/7 RealNetwork feeds this year, but the price has risen to $14.99 per month, according to Monday morning’s Variety.

CBS also revealed that the network version of “Big Brother” would take over “Pirate Master’s” 8 p.m. Thursday timeslot, with “Pirate Master” moving to 8 p.m. Tuesdays.

CBS will also air weekly hourlong “Big Brother” editions at 8 p.m. Sundays and 9 p.m. Tuesdays (the latter immediately following “Pirate Master” installments).

Read Variety’s Monday-morning report on these developments here.

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News out of Big Brother UK! Racism, scandal, and more!

LONDON (AP) — A British TV station apologized Thursday after regulators ruled that the Celebrity Big Brother program broke broadcasting rules by airing footage of racist insults being hurled at Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty.

Britain’s communications regulator, Ofcom, said Channel 4 should have halted the offensive behavior.

One incident included Jade Goody — a dental assistant turned tabloid celebrity — calling Shetty “Shilpa Poppadom,” a reference to the thin, crispy Indian flatbread. In other incidents, contestants Jo O’Meara and Danielle Lloyd made fun of Shetty’s cooking. Other unaired footage captured racist limericks aimed at Shetty.

Channel 4 apologized for the incidents, saying it accepted that the show had not intervened soon enough.

The show has often courted controversy, but the international firestorm touched off by Shetty’s abuse was unprecedented.

Groups in India burned effigies to protest the show, while complaints soared to 44,500 after an expletive deleted from the show was interpreted by some Indian websites as a racial slur.

Big Brother— created by Endemol NV in the Netherlands in 1999 and produced in dozens of other countries — features a group of contestants who are confined in a house for several weeks under constant camera surveillance. Viewers evict the contestants one-by-one until someone is chosen as the winner of a cash prize. Shetty, with thunderous support, won the prize after the episode ended in January.

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Ready For Big Brother 8…..

Well Heroes is over, 24 is over, and The Shield only has 2 episodes left in its season….. which means there isn’t shit on TV for the next few months. Which also means 1 thing. BIG BROTHER TIME!!!!!!!!!! The best part of summer. God I get so damn addicted to this show. I wasnt sure if Season 8 would ever come, or why. Will is by far the greatest player to ever play this game and he kinda ruined it because of that. Who else is going to come on here and play the game like him? Last season pissed me off because I hate Mike Boogie that guys so fucking annoying. And what the hell!? Kaysar and James were back but Kaysar fell for the same shit like he did Season 6?!!? Fucking Kaysar. Oh well. All in all I just have to say that I can not wait for this season to start, how about you?

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Blog Open!

Welcome to the Big Brother: Fans United blog. We hope to keep you up to date with our take and spins on the upcoming season of Big Brother.

Big Brother 8: Coming Soon!

Because of the popularity of the show Big Brother, CBS has just recently ordered an eighth installment of the show that will premiere in July 2007.

The much-awaited Big Brother season 8 will continue to have the same format just like previous installments of the show. In addition, the show will continue to be hosted by Julie Chen, wife of CBS Corporation president Les Moonves.

Big Brother, a reality series that showcases strangers who live under one roof equipped with loads of cameras and microphones to document their every move 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The goal of each housemate is to utilize his or her wit, charm, brains and brawns to ultimately win the cash prize. The reality show premiered in 2000 and has aired every summer following its initial run.

So what’s new with the upcoming Big Brother season 8? To begin with, season 8 will launch a “new epoch, ” after the “all star” experience from Big Brother season 7. It will also feature a new set of housemates with new challenges and surprise features to make the show even more interesting. Moreover, the function of Arnold Shapiro, Emmy and Oscar winning actor and executive producer of Big Brother season 1 to 6, has been trimmed down after the previous seasons’ catastrophic results.

Allison Grodner, executive producer of Big Brother who also worked with Shapiro explains that she and Shapiro will embark on new ventures separately. She told Variety, “We consider All-Stars sort of the end of an era, and now we’re getting a chance to start once again with a fresh cast and new twists…We’re at different stages in our respective careers…It’s an amicable split of projects and directions.”

At present, the auditions for the housemates of Big Brother season 8 have expired. Deadline for the application was April 13, 2007 but may have been extended depending on the producer’s discretion.

Big Brother 8 Pictures

Just testing some houseguest pics here.