Spoiler: Endurance Winner and New HOH is…

***Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised***

As we left the CBS show last night, we saw the remaining houseguests began a competition that had them being swung around the sun and being sprayed with “tanner” Before the show even ended, we saw both Joe and Jenn were already down which narrowed things down to the “Quack Pack” rather quickly.  Danielle was down not long after, and as she had said numerous times during the season about doing any kind of spinning competition, threw up in a garbage bag after she went down.

The battle came down to Ian and Shane who endured almost 2 hours in the competition.  In the end, they asked the other houseguests to go inside so they could talk.  A deal was struck for Shane to give it to Ian, with the agreement being Shane and Danielle wouldn’t go up OR be backdoored this week.  The deal was agreed on and Ian is the new HOH.

After ALL the drama in the house it looks like Frank will be going on the block yet again, most likely with Jenn due to her involvement in Britney’s eviction.  It should be interesting to see if the drama levels remain high or if things calm down at all.  Also after Dan’s legendary play last week, it remains to be seen if he will honor his final 2 deal with Frank or remain with the Quack Pack.