The Big Brother 14 Final 3 Are Set.

We have less than a week left for Big Brother 14, and there are still historic moments taking place that will be replayed for years.  In this case it was Dan once again making a move that blind sided the rest of the house on last night’s episode.

As we saw, Danielle won the POV and was convinced by Dan to use it on him with the promise that he would eliminate Ian.  Shane also knew this was taking place and was obviously very comfortable about it.  When the time came Dan dropped a bomb and evicted Shane from the house, leaving Danielle in a completely jaw dropped stated.  Danielle proceeded to cry for approximately 5 hours, and may still be judging by how she was acting like Shane died and she wouldn’t be seeing him in 6 days.

So this year’s final 3 are Danielle, Ian, and believe it or not Dan.  We say believe it or not because Dan has been talked about as a target from the beginning, which the other coaches pointing out how dangerous he was from the get go.  Somehow Dan has (and still is) masterminded this game and is now at the end.  It remains to be seen who takes who to the finals once the 3 round HOH competition is over.  It should be interesting to see if Dan makes it to the end if the jury doesn’t vote for him simply because they don’t want to see someone win twice, or if they will actually vote based on all his monumental moves.

The season finale of Big Brother 14 airs this Wednesday on CBS, where we will see who wins the half million dollars and also who you chose as America’s favorite.  It will be great as usual to see all the houseguests (besides Willie of course) back to discuss the season.

  • Anonymous

    i cannot understand why dani thinks dan is there for her to win…oh yes i do understand..her ego prevents her from believing she is not the important one..very naive girl and egotistical..unbelievable…dan must throw hoh part 3 to ian so the two of them can go to the end lesving the poor southern belle out in the cold…don’t like her but i guess that’s obvious…