Ian Terry is the Winner of Big Brother 14!

Big Brother 14 has come and gone in what seems like no time.  We saw explosive drama from the get go, and many twists, turns, and alliances along the way.  The dust is just now settling, and Ian Terry stands tall as the winner of Big Brother 14.

During last night’s finale we saw Ian win round 3 of the final HOH, evict Danielle, and take Dan to the final 2.  That third round may or may not have been thrown by Dan, since he knew that if Ian won he would take him to the end and he could still get Danielle’s vote.  As Dan and Ian battled it out, it may have been their final speeches that won the game for Ian.  Dan of course had stabbed almost every jury member in the back during the game, but they could have looked at that as gameplay had they not been voting based on emotions.  Danielle stayed true to Dan and was his sole vote in a 6-1 loss to Ian.

Do you feel like Ian’s win was deserved?  Dan definitely made more psychological and social moves in the game, while Ian won more competitions.  The jury may have been biased since Ian was the “feel good” choice to make being Dan has already won the $500,000 before.  Ian seems to be really taking a lot of credit for creating the “Quack Pack,” while in reality he just named it and was the last person brought into the alliance as pointed out by Dan. 

In the end it was quite a showdown between a Big Brother superfan and a Big Brother legend.  Ian will go down in the record books as a Big Brother winner, and would no doubt be considered for a return to the game at some point.  Congratulations to Ian Terry on realizing his dream of not only being on Big Brother, big winning the big one.  Stay tuned for more post-Big Brother 14 updates!