BB13’s Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones Get Married!

Big news on the Big Brother alumni front, as Big Brother 13 houseguests Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones were married over the weekend!  You may be thinking back to season 13 and thinking “but Dominic and Daniele weren’t even a “showmance” on the show,” but it seems that romance actually blossomed after the show ended. 

If you recall during the Big Brother season, Daniele and Dominic became friends in the house and Daniele made a valiant effort to keep Dominic in the house even though he wasn’t part of the “veteran” alliance that had formed.  Daniele’s efforts were not successful and Dominic went out of the game in only week 3.  Daniele made it all the way to jury in the season, but really connected with Dominic after the show apparently.

The 2 had a non-traditional wedding in Huntington Beach, California, and among the guests were fellow Big Brother 13 alumni Rachel and Brendon.  More complete details on the wedding are available at  For those wondering, Evel Dick mentioned on Twitter that he was not invited to the wedding although he pointed out that he bought the couple many items from their registry.

Congratulations to Dominic and Daniele on the crowning moment of another Big Brother romance!

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