First Big Brother Canada Commercial!

Can you believe we are only a couple of weeks away from the debut of Big Brother Canada?  The show premieres on February 27th on Slice in Canada; we’re still waiting on word on how we in the U.S. might be able to watch.  Given we are 2 weeks out, the lack of information has been quite surprising, although we do know that the live feeds will be available free (at least in Canada.)

We can finally say that we at least have a commercial for Big Brother Canada and of course since this is the first one and there isn’t any footage from past seasons, we instead get a humorous approach with Candian classics like lumberjacks, snow, of course hockey along with some mentions of Big Brother traditions like fake smiles and broken promises.  Just seeing this commercial has us pretty pumped for a winter Big Brother, the next full days should be full of more information and hopefully a cast reveal!