BB16 Spoilers: The Winner of Tonight’s Endurance Competition and New HOH is…

On tonight’s episode of Big Brother 16 we FINALLY got a much anticipated endurance competition and it was the traditional comp. that has the houseguests going back and forth on a slippery surface trying to fill an item to the point they can retrieve a ball or other small item etc.  This year it was a snowman, and the usual slipping and sliding highlight reel will no doubt have plenty of material as usual.

As usual, Big Brother threw a “temptation” into the game as there was also an option to instead fill a smaller snowman and get a 5 thousand dollar reward, but at the same time receive “holla” shout outs in the house for the rest of the season as a punishment. 

The game lasted over 2 hours, and the first winner was Derrick who filled the smaller snowman and won the 5 grand along with the random “hollas” for the rest of the season.  Not long after Derrick’s victory, Caleb was the first one to fill his snowman and retrieve his piece of coal, thus winning HOH for the week.

While Caleb doesn’t exactly shake things up as HOH as much as Nicole would have, there’s at least a possibility that he will make a move unlike Cody who always proves to be too scared to make moves as HOH.  As the numbers dwindle down, hopefully ONE of these guys realize a big move is needed if they don’t want to be battling against the strongest people in the house in the end.  Hopefully we’re not looking at yet another boring week with Caleb taking the easy route and putting Nicole and Victoria on the block.

Caleb has been boasting for weeks about any owning any endurance comps that come their way, and now he’s once again backed up his words; if he doesn’t make a move this week, you would think SOMEone else in the alliance will realize the need to start turning on each other and MAYbe get a little action in the season before it’s too late!