First Look at the Big Brother Canada House!

Big Brother Canada HouseWe are only days away from Big Brother Canada kicking off and filling our Big Brother void for the winter!  Of course there is a ton of speculation as to how this first edition of the Canadian Big Brother will go, but now we get to see what the house looks like and we must say, in our opinion it’s pretty similar to the Big Brother U.S. house.

I feel like we basically looking at a revamped version of what we get here every summer, but that’s not really a bad thing.  I think many of us don’t connect with some of the international versions of Big Brother simply because they seem so different than what we’re used to.  It looks like Big Brother Canada will be more of an extension of what we’re used to, which should make for a great season.

Now on to the house.  Although it may look similar, there are some changes in the house that could really shake things up.  First off, there is ONE, yes ONE bedroom (not counting the HOH room of course.) The one  bedroom has 7 double beds that the rest of the houseguests will have to share…THAT should be interesting.  Also the “backyard” and pool area is actually indoors, which makes sense to the extreme Canadian cold.  We have heard that there is a “secret room” (maybe not so secret) in the yard that actually leads to an outside hot tub.  Also as you can see it looks like the Canadian houseguests will get a lot more workout equipment than what we normally see.  Other than that you can see a few other differences in the pics below such as the stall style bathroom that is less private than the U.S. one, and a long kitchen table instead of a round one:

So what do you think of the house?  Did Big Brother Canada do it right or should they have made the house way more different than the U.S. house?