Video: Big Brother Canada Episode 1

Big Brother BathroomBig Brother Canada is off and running, and to say it has been non stop craziness from the get go would be an understatement.  While fans in the U.S. aren’t able to view the show on Slice TV, luckily the episodes and live feeds are both being made available for U.S. viewing thanks to some helpful Big Brother fans who are making it happen.

Episode 1 of Big Brother Canada is below, and features everything from some brief bios on the houseguests to the crowning of the first HOH in the house.  One of the first big surprises was that there is a phone in the house that rang just after the houseguests entered, and was answered by Suzette.  As she answered the phone the Big Brother voice told her she had been crowned the first HOH by being the one to answer (quite a change from the usual competition we see in our version,) and now had to nominate 2 others based on first impressions alone.  Suzette nominated Emmett and Tom (probably the 2 biggest male threats in the house) and drew a bit of a battle line in the process.

The action didn’t stop there, as host Arissa Cox informed us that the first POV competition would be going down as well.  The houseguests then played a competition where they had to pop balloons with by wearing spiked belts, and Tom showed he is here to play by winning the POV.  Overall the show felt like a bit of a mix of the U.S. version and some of the international versions.  It is close enough that it looks like we will still enjoy the season.  On tonight’s live eviction episode we will see who is chosen as his replacement nominee, and also see Big Brother Canada’s very first eviction.  Check out the full episode 1 below, and keep in mind Canada may not censor some of the same language that we hear censored in the U.S.: