How to Watch Big Brother Canada Live Feeds if You Live in the U.S.

Big Brother Canada is less than a week old but has already been the talk of the Big Brother community.  Seeing 15 fresh faces with no veterans directing them and filling them in on how every aspect of the game works has been great.  The one downside is that those of us in the U.S. don’t have access to the live feeds on the official site, but thankfully some kind souls have set up streams that allow us to watch the Big Brother Canada live feeds 24/7.

Many people have set up proxies and such in order to view the feeds but  we prefer to keep it simple and have been watching at which has done a great job of providing 24/7 access to all four cameras on the live feeds.  The overall feeling so far is that the Big Brother Canada feeds have been awesome since production doesn’t cut them off for every little thing, pretty much only competitions which is expected.  Other than that the Canadian feeds have been a great fix for those of us waiting out all these months until Big Brother 15.