Our Official Opinion: Big Brother Canada Doesn’t Suck!

Big Brother Canada HOHEver since we announced that a Big Brother Canada was on the way, the speculation and outright worry has been that it wouldn’t live up to it’s U.S. counterpart.  It wasn’t clear if the Canadian Big Brother would be more like the International versions of the show which are in some cases quite different than what we’re used to.  Maybe the format wouldn’t be the same, maybe the cast wouldn’t be good, maybe it would just flat out suck.  Well we’ve given it 3 full weeks before giving an official opinion, but we’re thrilled to say that Big Brother Canada doesn’t suck!

From top to bottom this show has given us improvements on a lot of the problems we have with Big Brother in the U.S. every summer.  First off we got a fresh cast that seems genuinely excited to be there and many of who are constantly scheming which makes for fun watching.  Not only that, but the cast isn’t afraid to speak their mind or jump right into a showmance, as we’ve seen 3 develop pretty much right from the get go. 

Second the producers have implemented tasks that keep things interesting and entertaining in between the usual HOH/POV events.  The phone in the house that can ring at any time and deliver a mission to any houseguest really keeps things interesting.  Then add in the total randomness of “Marsha The Moose” who also appeared and delivered a mission to Peter was something NO one could have seen coming.

Finally, the way production has made sure the rules aren’t broken has been outstanding.  From have-nots failing to follow procedure to houseguests not listening to direction from Big Brother, the punishments have been stern yet add a little extra entertainment for viewers as well. Apparently the biggest example of this is yet to come as apparently there has been accusations of cheating in the most recent HOH competition, and Big Brother Canada are already on the case of addressing and correcting the situation.

If you are in the middle of that part of the year where you’re really missing Big Brother, Big Brother Canada is the perfect fix.  You can follow all the episodes thanks to this YouTube channel that posts them right away on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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    Iv’e been watching Big Brother for years now as i live in the UK but i’m so addicted i like to watch any Big Brother no matter what country it’s in should make for a good watch.