Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Former Big Brother Winner Enters the House!

***Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised***

big brother canada mysteryBig Brother Canada is down to the final 5 houseguests – Talla, Andrew, Jillian, Emmet, and of course Gary who was voted back into the house this past week.  Usually at this point the action in the house gets pretty slow, but we have to give major credit to the Big Brother Canada producers for keeping it interesting by having all kinds of surprises and tasks going.  Today the big surprise was a mystery person entering the house to spend a night with the houseguests.  It turned out to be none other than Big Brother 10 winner and Big Brother 14 finalist Dan Gheesling!

That’s right, Dan himself walked through the Big Brother Canada doors to the delight of the houseguests.  Before he came in it seemed like a couple of the houseguests like Andrew and Emmet were less than thrilled with someone coming in after Gary just returned Thursday, but everyone seems pretty genuinely happy and a bit star struck after the fact.

Dan came in and met everyone, and has pretty much acted like he hasn’t kept up with the show at all (may or may not be true.)  His first move was to tell the houseguests he had an announcement to make, and it was that he was wearing black for a reason (sound familiar?)  Tonight isn’t his funeral, but it would be one of the theirs as Dan announced he had been given the power to evict one houseguest.  He proceeded to go around the room asking each one why they loved Big Brother.  After they all answered, Dan revealed that it was all a joke and no one was being evicted….typical Dan!

It should be an interesting day as we will get to see if Dan has any advice for the houseguests or maybe even more tricks up his sleeve.  With Dan in the house NOT playing the game and not having to worry about that end of things, “Dan the Man” will no doubt have some sort of hilarity on the mind.  Here is the full video of Dan entering the Big Brother Canada house (and subsequently being attacked by Talla) thanks to