Jillian MacLaughlin Wins Big Brother Canada in Controversial Fashion

The first ever season of Big Brother Canada is complete and after a highly controversial finale, Jillian MacLaughlin is the first winner.  The season was full of great moments and gameplay, and the finale relived it all in traditional Big Brother finale fashion; but when it came down to the final vote, a controversial mistake changed everything.

As seen on the finale, the final 3 were Gary, Jillian, and Emmett.  The final 3 competed in the traditional 3 part final HOH competition which saw Gary and Emmet face off in the final round.  In a surprise move, Gary evicted Emmett who he had an alliance with since being voted back in the house.  Gary and Jillian were the final 2 as they both pleaded their case for victory.  Gary has been a fan favorite and had played an awesome social game, but Jillian had won multiple competitions and didn’t seem to be in danger at any point in the game.  The one loophole in Jillian’s path to the end was that she had backstabbed some people and it was very evident they would hold it against her with their vote. Gary on the other hand was giving heartfelt speeches about overcoming adversity that seemed to have everyone behind him.  As luck would have it, his closest ally ended up behind his demise (accidentally.)

As we see every year on the Big Brother finale, the jury members go up and cast their vote for who they want to win.  As host Arisa Cox read each vote, a shock was felt by everyone as it was announced that Gary’s biggest ally and supporter Topaz had actually voted for Jillian to win.  This is when things got crazy.  Seconds later Topaz was raising her hand and going up to the podium to dispute the vote.  Arisa Cox was obviously flustered by this as she couldn’t get Topaz to sit back down and stop protesting. Topaz was claiming someone had to have switched the vote and was demanding a re-vote.  They actually cut to commercial to get things together again.

Big Brother Canada FinaleUpon returning form commercial, they aired a replay which plainly showed that Topaz had mistakenly voted the wrong way, which ended up giving the win to Jillian.  It’s hard to imagine that a mistake in the voting actually took away what would have been a win for Gary.  Going in it seemed like Jillian would have taken the win based on all of her competition wins, but Gary really swayed things with his presentation during the finale.  Technically he did win, as that 1 mistaken vote is what it all came down to.

So did Gary really lose?  He will no doubt go on to do big things in the entertainment world after gaining so much popularity on the show.  Will he forgive Topaz?  I’m sure he will if he hasn’t already.  The REAL question here is, should Big Brother have allowed Topaz to correct her mistake?  Or did they do the right thing in strictly sticking to the rules once the votes are cast?  It was rough to watch and a rough way to lose the game, but rules are rules, and Jillian will go down as the first ever winner of Big Brother Canada.

*Update* Here is video of all the controversy that went down: