Big Brother 15 News: After Dark to Move to New Channel

Big Brother 15 After DarkCan you believe Big Brother 15 is less than a month away?  Being we’re so close it’s only natural that the news and rumors are going to start to flow freely, and today there is pretty big news to report as the nightly tradition “Big Brother After Dark” will be moving from Showtime’s “Sho 2″ to the TV Guide Network.

There are a lot of mixed emotions over this since TV Guide Network isn’t exactly known to be an “uncensored” “anything goes” type channel which Showtime has always been. is reporting that After Dark will air for 2 hours (down from the usual 3) and will still be live; so we’re either looking at a situation where TV Guide Network is going to open things up a bit from their usual programming, or else the houseguests are going to be told to tone it down for 2 hours at night….we’re hoping it’s not the latter.

On the flip side of this, we’ve read many claim that they are happy about this move since they couldn’t afford Showtime so they will now be able to watch After Dark.  Hopefully it will equal even more fans being able to watch Big Brother which is always a good thing, and of course the Big Brother 15 live feeds will still provide all the 24/7 uncensored action we’re used to.

Big Brother 15 kicks off on June 26th and will air on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.  After Dark should kick off the same night and will air nightly at 12/11c on TV Guide Network. What are your thoughts on this big move?

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