Big Brother 15 House Tour with Julie Chen!

Julie Chen Big Brother 15Here it is ladies and gentleman, finally the first bit of information we’ve been waiting for.  We figured we might get a pic or two first, but as luck would have it we’ve got the traditional FULL tour of the Big Brother 15 house with Julie Chen! 

Now not only is it awesome every year to see the new decor and setup for the upcoming season, but this year Julie finally gives us some hints on the twists and cast. The first thing of note is that the 2 nomination chairs have been replaced by a couch!  This leads us to believe that we may see more than 2 nominees at least at the beginning of the season.  Next up we get confirmation that there will be 16 houseguests in this house!  That’s right, more houseguests to suit the longer-than-ever season!

Julie’s tour takes us through most of the rooms in the house (of course any secret or have-not rooms as they usually keep those secret until show time,) and shows us the various themes each has going on.  We must say, it looks like quite a nice setup this year! The next big bit of info. Julie revealed is that America will have a bigger role than ever and it will affect the nominations in a huge way!

The last major bit of info. that Julie shares is that out of the 16 ALL NEW houseguests, we will have ONE familiar face….but that it’s not what we think.  WELL, from what we’ve gathered from the rumor mill, it appears that one of the houseguests may be the sibling of one very well known former houseguest! 

So there you have it, our first bit of info. to hold us a few more days until the big cast reveal!  Check out the full tour below, and don’t forget to lock in your live feed subscription now and save 20% before Big Brother 15 kicks off next week!