Big Brother 15 Set to Feature THREE Nominations and “MVP” Twist

Big Brother 15 MVPThe information on Big Brother 15 is now flowing freely, and today CBS released two pieces of info. that will have a huge impact on the game.  First off, for the first time ever, Big Brother 15 will feature THREE houseguests up on the block nominated for eviction.  This should put a whole new spin on things as far as alliances and deals go, although it’s not quite clear how the process will work just yet.  We’re guessing this will go on for the first few weeks before returning to the traditional two nominees for the second half of the season. 

The next major twist is that America will be voting on an “MVP” each week which will give that person some sort of power.  The “Most Valuable Player” twist is sure to shake things up, and actually will be doing so before the show ever begins!  That’s right, tomorrow is the Big Brother 15 cast reveal, and voting will open up right then for the first MVP of the season!  This is already being viewed as a controversial move by many, since we will be voting to give someone power based off first impression alone.  The MVP twist will be explained in depth on premiere night, so we’ll know much more on what we’re in for then.

So what do you think so far?  We know we will have 16 houseguests, three nominations every week (at least for the first part of the game,) and an MVP each week that will have some sort of power.  Sounds like they’re throwing a lot in there to keep things interesting which will hopefully make for an action packed season!  And don’t forget tomorrow you can head over to to vote for Big Brother 15’s first MVP!