First BB15 Cast Group Pics!

Big Brother 15 Cast BackyardWell it took a little longer than usual, but here is our first look at the Big Brother 15 cast all together which gives us confirmation that they are officially in the house and the game is underway!  The diversity (and skimpy bikinis in the backyard pics) are evident right away, and it looks like this cast has some great possibilities.

This is our first glimpse of the cast as a group, and has us pumped and ready to begin our entire summer with them tomorrow night!  Seeing the cast together for the first time every year has become tradition, and really makes all of us start speculating on who may pair up or who may be feuding already since we know the houseguests are already in the house.  So who do you think will be your favorites so far?  Any early predictions on who will go far in the game?   We’re only hours away from kicking things off!

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Don’t forget, you can watch the houseguests live 24/7 (including bikini time of course) beginning tomorrow night, so be sure to lock in your live feeds early and save 20% here.