Photos of the BB15 Houseguests Entering the House!

Big Brother 15 GinaMarieToday is the big day!  And today we have the traditional photos of the houseguests making their entrance into the house!  Usually we get these the weekend before, but it looks like we’re getting everything today to pump us up for the big premiere tonight!

In the pics we see that the houseguests entered in groups and the groups appear to be:





(McCrae and Jeremy must’ve been shoved to the back in one of the groups)

It’s great to see an all new cast super excited to enter the house this year as opposed to the veterans who have done it all before and didn’t seem overly excited.  Tonight is the night we will see these 16 houseguests kick things off and compete in the first HOH competition on CBS, and then of course it’s time to watch them on After Dark on TV Guide Network and then live 24/7 on the Big Brother live feeds…all starting tonight!

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