Big Brother 15 Episode 1 Recap: MVP Twist and a Surprise HOH

Big Brother 15 is officially underway, and last night we got things going with the first episode on CBS.  Being we finally got an all-new cast this year with no returning veterans, the game has a very fresh feel with 16 pumped up houseguests that are ready to compete. 

Of course the CBS show kicked off with the traditional vignettes where they tape the houseguests acting excited about receiving their keys to the house.  We got a bit of background on them all but after that we got right into it as Julie sent them all into the house.  We could tell right away that this was an energetic cast by the way they hit the house running around and getting loud right away.  It seemed like attempts at forming alliances were happening within minutes, which may be good or bad as we’ve seen in the past.

It wasn’t long before the houseguests were getting the twists dropped on them, as they were told early on that there would be three nominees each week but Julie made them wait until later in the show before revealing the MVP twist. 

It was then off to the first HOH competition that was endurance and involved them hanging on giant popsicles.  We weren’t expecting too grueling of a competition right out the gate, but these houseguests went to battle.  Of course many houseguests wisely threw the competition as to not look too strong too fast, but Nick and McCrae went over 3 hours before making a deal for Nick to drop and stay safe.  McCrae would have been on the bottom of our list of possible winners, but he pulled out the underdog victory and is the first HOH of the season!  This Sunday we will see who McCrae nominated and catch up on all the drama on CBS.

**Spoilers ahead – don’t read this section if you want to be surprised**

A few tidbits from the first night of live feeds, there is already much drama in the house as Jeremy is the center of a love triangle between Jessie and Kaitlin.  Elissa has already been outed as Rachel’s sister, and seems to have a major target on her because of it now.  There are so many alliances forming it’s hard to tell which ones are legit, but there is non stop scheming going on which should make for a great blowup when it happens.  If you want to follow it all live, head over and subscribe to the live feeds.