BB15 Live Feed Update: The First Showmance is Underway

**Warning – This post may contain spoilers, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

BB15 ShowmanceBig Brother 15 has been on the air for a couple of days, but we’ve got a showmance going on straight away.  When the live feeds first kicked off we saw some flirtation between certain people and even jealousy already developing, but last night Jeremy and Kaitlin made things “official” so to speak as they had a little “under the covers action” going on after only 7 days in the house.  During their little session, Kaitlin even looked at the camera and realized she said she wouldn’t do this in the house, but here she was hooking up only 7 days in.

BB15 hookup

When the feeds started, we saw that Jessie was jealous over Jeremy flirting with Kaitlin since she had developed feelings for him.  Jessie confronted Jeremy about the matter and got the “if we hadn’t met in this house/I’m here to play a game” excuse.  Well obviously his reasoning doesn’t apply to Kaitlin, as the two have been hugged up the past couple of days before finally giving in to their desires last night.  It’s unclear how far they went, but if one of these two get HOH, the live feeds are no doubt going to get steamy if you know what I mean.

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