Derrick Levasseur Wins Big Brother 16!

Derrick Wins Big Brother 16 It’s hard to believe another season of Big Brother 16 is in the books, but the dust is settling on the season and one person is standing tall as the latest Big Brother winner…..his name is Derrick Levasseur and we would like to congratulate him.

In the beginning of the season, it sounded like it would be very interesting to see if an actual undercover police officer could translate his skills over to the Big Brother game; while Derrick kept the fact that he was a cop under wraps to everyone in the house, we got to watch him piece together a strategy that unbelievably kept him off the block for the ENTIRE season….an amazing feat in itself.  Sadly, we felt like Derrick wasn’t really challenged at all this season since no one else in the house was bold enough to make big moves or go against the majority.  Big Brother legends like Dr. Will and Dan Gheesling had to overcome amazing hurdles to achieve their status, but to us it didn’t seem like Derrick had the chance to show such skill since those type of hurdles were never presented this season.

Honestly we had a hard time sticking with this season all the way to the end; it wasn’t that the cast was bad, in fact we were very excited to see an all-new cast and one that looked quite diverse at that.  It’s just that the way things played out made things very boring by the end; no one wanted to make big moves, no one wanted to turn on anyone, basically all the things that we love about Big Brother just didn’t happen this season.  Seeing the majority of the females sent packing early, leaving a group of guys that BARELY wanted to vote each other out with only 5 houseguests left really just felt flat.

We did get to see breakout favorites like Zach and Donny gain quite a following during the season, a fact that shined through as Donny won “America’s Favorite” by far this year and not only gained $25,000, but at least 1 soap opera cameo….not bad for a school janitor!  Zach Attack will undoubtedly be remembered as the entertainment this year, and probably the eviction that hurt the most – we would’ve really liked to see him stick around and shake up the dominant group of guys that ran the game.

Derrick will undoubtedly be asked back if there is ever an All-Stars season and it would still be entertaining to see how he handled some real challenging situations in the game.  None the less, Derrick remaining off the block for the entire season is astounding and he does deserve credit for that accomplishment.  Cody had the opportunity to take Victoria to the end and he would’ve had the game in his pocket, but Derrick had him so convinced that they really were completely loyal to each other that Cody chose loyalty over the money…it would’ve been interesting to see if Derrick would have done the same for him.

What were your thoughts on the season?  Did it erase all the bad memories from Big Brother 15?  Or do you prefer more action in your Big Brother seasons, controversial or not?  Maybe in the end this season really showed why Big Brother is one of the most “real” reality shows out there….the game plays out as it may and sometimes as luck would have it, it’s not the most exciting scenario. We did gain some memorable players, and a new champion in Derrick who has created even more buzz about who the true “mastermind” in Big Brother history really is.