BB15 Live Feed Update: Another Showmance Begins – and This Ones a Shocker!

**Warning – this post may contain spoilers, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

McCrae Amanda kissIn our first live feed update we were pointing out how there was a showmance between Kaitlin and Jeremy within 7 days of being in the house.  Now we have another showmance (of sorts) to report on just a day later.  Let me preface by asking….who do you think the least likely person in the house to be involved in a showmance (other than Helen and Elissa of course since they’re married) is?….How many of you said McCrae?  Well believe it or not, McCrae has got more action in the house than anyone else so far!

If you’ve been watching the live feeds, you know that Amanda has been in McCrae’s HOH room non-stop talking game and making it way too obvious that they are aligned.  It seems sometimes like Amanda is trying to run McCrae’s HOH and is taking credit for many of the decisions.  Well early this morning, things took a turn that none of us saw coming. 

McCrae and Amanda hook up

As McCrae and Amanda were in bed (yes Amanda has even been sleeping in the HOH room) they were getting awfully close, closer than just friends for sure.  After watching for a while, there was…..SOMEthing going on under the covers involving Amanda’s hand….and that’s all we need to say.  There was no question about what was going on after Amanda…..wiped away the evidence so to speak on the bed spread.    (For those of you who want to see what all happened, flashback to 5:40 A.M. on the live feeds.)

For those of you who are saying “but Amanda said she has a boyfriend!”….yes that is true, but obviously that went out the window as she commented that she knew the boyfriend’s family had the live feeds.  A little while later after all that “action,” Amanda and McCrae actually kissed which may mean they are an official undercover showmance.  There is no way the rest of the house could see this one, we couldn’t even believe it.  but now the question is: is Amanda just doing “whatever (and we mean WHATEVER) it takes to stay close to the power in the house?  Or is she really interested in McCrae?

Things are heating up like NEVER before this early in the game.  Alliances, showmances, and even the term “blowmance” has been thrown around.  This cast is definitely a wild one.  Be sure sure to tune in tonight on the live feeds to see wild their first Saturday night in the house gets!