BB15 Live Feed Update: Jeremy Goes Super-Villain on the House

**Warning – this post may contain spoilers, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

BB15 Jeremy PissedWith the way things have been going in the Big Brother 15 house, it was only a matter of time before the fighting began.  In this case, we saw one of the most direct/cocky/one sided trash talking sessions ever seen in the house, and everyone pretty much just took it.

It all started with the news that the have-nots (Howard, Helen, Elissa, Andy, and Judd) were done and  could eat/drink at 12 a.m. A little while before 12 hit, they got an alcohol delivery and everyone agreed to wait on the former have-nots to drink.  Something set Jeremy off, and he proceeded to take the bottle of wine and drink it all himself (he shared a little with Kaitlin and Aaryn,) and went on a tirade about how he would pretty much do what he wanted.

BB15 Jeremy

Of course everyone eventually started asking where the red wine was, and after Aaryn told Jeremy she felt like the group was giving her attitude over the situation, Jeremy went in the kitchen and told them all that he did it, he feels great, and he didn’t give a “F.”   Of course after a near full bottle of wine, Jeremy was ready to talk for the next hour about how he was going to win HOH and how great he is.  Shockingly no one really stood up to him other than Kaitlin, who pointed out that he was making a stupid move by talking so much trash and being so loud about it.  Earlier he had even made a point to look at the camera and tell Elissa’s husband that he should divorce her.   

BB15 Helen CryingAfter all of this, Jeremy did apologize to Helen, who was an emotional mess for some reason even though the tirade wasn’t directly at her specifically.  Andy also spoke to Jeremy but pretty much cowered to him the whole time and even thanked Jeremy for being so direct (wtf?)  Elissa may have had the line of the night as she said Jeremy was such a “NeanderTALL” after he went back outside.

Jeremy held nothing back in his tirade, letting the house know he thinks he’s great and even saying they should put him up if they get HOH because it would be a “smart move.”  He was very clear that he would put up Elissa and Candice when he wins HOH, so he pretty much laid out all his plans.  Kaitlin pointed out that he also put a huge target on David since he is the closest to Jeremy and on the block (he was put up by MVP Elissa.) 

So did Jeremy go too far with his insults and trash talk?  Or will the others be too intimidated to put him up?  There has barely been a dull moment on the live feeds, and last night proved a little alcohol really gets the drama going in the house.  Check out the free trial of live feeds if you want to see what happens next tonight.

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    Someone has to grow a set of BALLS in this house!