BB15’s Aaryn Gries Dropped by Modeling Agency Over Racist Remarks

Aaryn Gries BB15It’s been the talk of the Big Brother 15 season so far; the racist and homophobic terms that have been used in the house have the Internet buzzing and demanding repercussions. Aaryn has been one of the houseguests that has been guilty of using many of the derogatory terms, and while CBS hasn’t taken any action, her modeling agency is.

Zephyr Talent in Austin, TX released the following statement on their Facebook page:

Aaryn, season 15 cast member of Big Brother, revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we (Zephyr Talent) do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent.”

Aaryn is getting a ton of hate from the Internet for her comments and attitude, so this has to feel like a bit of retribution for many.  I think the reality of Big Brother is shining this season being we really do have people from all walks of life with many points of view (good or bad.)  This is real life and sadly there are these type of people in the world.  While CBS is allowing the houseguests to have their free speech, Zephr Talent is showing that such attitudes are not OK in the working world.  Aaryn is in for quite a surprise when she leaves the Big Brother house.

  • Anonymous

    Aaryn should be taken completely taken out. No excuses for leaving her in. Hopefully her parents take her behind a shed. Obviously as dumb as sure is fake blonde is still in 60’s. Hopefully her life is as hellish as her racial slurs. Be prepared men, you’ll need a board tied to your ass. Otherwise you’ll fall into the shit she holds.

  • Anonymous

    This is the most boring season I have ever watched. Amanda and McCrae relationship should have been broken up right after Howard and Candice. Helen should stop trying to figure out the game and just play the game. Somebody really needs to get Andy out. He is just a nut head if he thinks Amanda and McCrae cares about him.Andy goes around from room to room looking like a pixie.I hope Spencer backdoor both Amanda and McCrae. If season 16 starts out like this one, then its time to quit watching Big Brother for sure. The best players left the show too early. I am tired of the whole house voting one way. Amanda trying to prepare herself by trying to remember who went home in what order. Big Brother is no longer exciting when you know what will happen on the next episode. Please try to get better players next time. Everyone looks at everyone except Amanda and McCrae, but America got it right when they put her on the block. America needs to play!

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