BB15’s GinaMarie Zimmerman Fired from Pageant Job Over Racist Remarks

BB15 GinaMarie

That’s right….2 Big Brother 15 Houseguests, 2 jobs lost, in 1 day.  Earlier today we reported that Aaryn was dropped by her modeling agency over her racist remarks on the live feeds, and now GinaMarie has suffered the same fate.  TMZ reports that “East Coast Pageant Inc.” is cutting ties with GinaMarie after 5 years of employment.

Aaryn has received the majority of backlash on the racist and homophobic comments in the house, but the truth is she is far from the only guilty party.  GinaMarie has dropped the “N” word in the house, and now like Aaaryn she is receiving the repercussion.  East Coast Pageant Inc. mentioned that they were actually thankful for the show since they got a chance to see how GinaMarie really was.  They had previously encouraged their pageant girls to watch the show and cheer on GinaMarie since they figured she would be a role model.

This is quickly becoming the most controversial season ever; it remains to be seen if any other houseguests receive outside repercussion for their actions in the house.  There is no indication that the producers will let them know what is going on until they exit the house.