BB15 Spoilers: The Winner of the BBQ Competition and New HOH is…

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, do not read if you want to be surprised.**

Big Brother BBQ HOHEarlier tonight when Big Brother went off the air on CBS, we saw the houseguests playing the traditional “go back and forth and fill the jar” game which involved BBQ sauce for the second HOH of the season.  Things weren’t quite clear how things would work due to some technical difficulties that prevented us from hearing Julie’s full instructions.  The houseguests were paired up so we weren’t sure which team member would win HOH when one of the teams won.

On the live feeds we saw that Jeremy and Aaryn won the competition, and Aaryn of all people is new HOH!  After causing much controversy this week over her comments in the house and even being released by her modeling company earlier today over those same comments, Aaryn is now calling the shots in the house this week.

Of course Aaryn’s side of the house (Jeremy and Kaitlin mainly) are taking aim at Elissa and getting revenge after the blindside eviction of David.   Their real battle has been trying to figure out who is lying about votes (Nick and Spencer have both lied and said they voted to evict Elissa) so it will be interesting to see who Aaryn’s side ends up trusting. Also Aaryn’s first move as HOH was to name the have-nots for the week, and she named Elissa, Helen, Andy, and Candice so that tells you where those 4 stand with her.  The biggest question is….who will be this week’s MVP?

Things are really heating up in the house and the animosity continues to grow.  If you want to see how it unfolds with Aaryn as HOH, be sure to check out the free trial of Big Brother live feeds.

  • robinkilgore

    It’s total BS to say that there were “technical difficulties” involving Julie’s HOH competition instructions. After instructing the houseguests that they were to pour their sauce from one cup to the other she asked them if they had understood her instructions and no one said they had a problem hearing or understanding her.
    Nevertheless, late in the competition, when Jeremy and Aaryn were neck and neck with Andy and Elissa, with Judd and Nick making rapid gains with their bigger cups, Jeremy and Aaryn began “switching” cups , thereby saving themselves time and cheating their way to a win.
    Jeremy later admitted on the live feed in the kitchen that he had, indeed, started switching cups during the competition. Although I did not hear Aaryn make a similar admission, other viewers on the live feed that were watching other house cams have said that Aaryn also admitted to switching cups in violation of the instructions/rules.
    I was so incensed and disappointed in those players and CBS for not making it right, as well as the constant annoyance of the live cams, spending an inordinate amount of the time that I was ‘paying for’, focused on the FISH TANK rather than the houseguests with constant messages of “We’ll Be Back”, that I asked for and received a FULL REFUND from CBS for the oh-so-disappointing and shoddy camera work,(if you can call it that),that has been on display. I’m truly grateful to CBS for providing me the refund for these live feeds that are a total waste of money…Thank You, CBS. I hope you do a better job of casting next year…the racism, homophobia, and mean hate-speech from this season’s cast and their collective low IQ has all but killed my interest in this show for me, after being a loyal fan since season 1.