BB15 Live Feed Update: All Hell Breaks Loose in Huge Fight

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Earlier tonight we saw the second eviction of the season which was the type of blindside we would usually see much later in the season.  Nick was evicted, one side of the house was in total shock, and GinaMarie had a total breakdown.  Then the power shifted as Helen ended up winning HOH which totally flips the house from what we saw last week.

It only took a few minutes before all hell broke loose in the house.  GinaMarie cried for at least an hour after the CBS show, but that was only the beginning.  A fight over the bed/sleeping situation kicked off 2 hours of all out warfare.  The trio of Jeremy/Kaitlin/Aaryn came downstairs after spending all week in HOH and planned on coming in and taking over the bedroom that Candace and Jessie have had since the start.  It got to the point that Kaitlin and Jeremy would not leave Jessie’s bed even after being asked to leave.  Aaryn on the other hand, took it upon herself to flip Candace’s bed over and dumping all of her and Howard’s clothes in the process.

As things kept going the trash talk between Aaryn/Kaitlin and Jessie continued until Candace entered and things began to escalate, with the so called “mean girls” challenging Candace to “do something.”   Somewhere in all this, GinaMarie popped up and got in Candace’s face, asking her if she wanted the “black to come out” as they went face to face. Howard had to step in to break the situation up, literally having to pick up and carry Candace out of the room.  Howard tried explaining to Candace that they needed to get away from the situation because he was going to have to step in and lose his temper with them if things didn’t stop .

Think it stopped there?  Oh no.  The next round saw Amanda join in and pretty much tell all the girls in the room off about how they’ve all talked about each other at some point.  Then Amanda dropped the bomb on Aaryn that America has waited for as she called her out on her racist comments, noting that production has questioned the whole house about their feelings on Aaryn’s remarks.  Aaryn of course denied it all, but felt that Amanda made her look terrible by making the accusation of course. Aaryn later broke down and cried more because of how Amanda made her look than anything.

After the main confrontation, even Howard was seen breaking down by himself as he had a hard time not saying anything about all the racial comments being made and having to hold back on defending Candace in the situation.  Judd even got involved at one point by calling the Kaitlin/Aaryn crew “trash” as he walked out of their room.

This has been by far the wildest night thus far in Big Brother 15, and it has to rank up there in the all-time classic fights in Big Brother history.  The tension is very high in the house already, and we’ve only had 2 evictions!  There are people that literally can’t be in the same room together at this point without a blow up, so be sure to check out the free trial of the live feeds if you want to see what happens next!  If you want to see the fight flashback to 10:50 PM on July 11 on Cam 3.