Attention Canadian Fans: The Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Are Now Available for You!

CBS Interactive Inc.Great news for Canadian Big Brother fans, the live feed situation has finally been resolved and the feeds are now available in Canada!  We received many messages from those of you that were disappointed that feeds were not available in Canada since they moved to CBS from Real Networks, but CBS has responded to what they call “overwhelming feedback” and have made the feeds accessible to all the Big Brother fans in Canada.

This is great news especially since the live feeds have been pretty insane from the get go.  We reported on the huge fight in the house just a couple of nights ago, and of course every media outlet out there has been covering the controversial racist comments that have been made by some of the houseguests.  Love them or hate them, this cast has been anything that dull and the action goes deep into the early morning hours on a nightly basis.

So be sure and spread the word!  We hated that the Canadian fans were left out, but now that the issues are resolved you can all watch action 24/7 with the rest of us like many of you have for many years.  And best of all, you can take advantage of the live feed free trial and get a free glimpse at what is going on in the Big Brother 15 house!

CBS Interactive Inc.