Big Brother Legend “Evel” Dick Donato Reveals HIV Positive Status

Evel Dick HIV PositiveThree years ago it was one of the biggest Big Brother controversies of all time – Big Brother’s favorite villain Evel Dick Donato had returned for season 13 and we fans were eagerly awaiting the legendary showdowns that would happen between Dick and mainly Rachel Reilly….then, just after the season had premiered, Evel Dick was gone from the house without explanation.

At the time, Dick released a video which was his only statement on the matter; he explained that someone he was very close with needed him and that was the reason he left.  Now all these years later Evel Dick has revealed the truth for the very first time…the fact is that he is HIV positive.

Dick will talk about his condition for the first time on tonight’s VH1’s Couples Therapy where he is currently a member of the cast.  The news broke for the first time in this People Magazine article in which Dick opens up for the first time about the diagnosis that caused him to immediately exit the Big Brother 13 house.

Evel Dick felt like VH1 Couple’s Therapy was the right platform for him to finally reveal his secret and to help remove the stigma about those who live with the HIV virus.  Of course the immediate question that comes to mind is “how did he get it?”  Well Dick isn’t exactly sure but expects it was from having sex with a woman; he revealed that he isn’t gay and has never used needles, so those two potential rumors can be nipped right away.

Dick also talks about living with the virus and how he has a normal life; he takes one pill a day (and will for the rest of his life) but doesn’t live in a sick state like many people may think those with HIV do.  More about Evel Dick’s struggle should be revealed in tonight’s episode of Couples Therapy and of course many more questions will be raised, but Evel Dick no longer has to live in secrecy on the matter and seems to already be using his status to raise HIV awareness and help remove the stigma that HIV is a “death sentence.”