Attention Time Warner Customers: You Could Be Losing CBS This Week!


We wanted to let any of our readers that are Time Warner Cable customers know that there is a current situation that could see Time Warner drop CBS as early as this week!  Of course this means those of you with Time Warner will no longer have access to the Big Brother 15 full episodes should CBS be dropped. If it does indeed happen, Wednesday’s episode of Big Brother could be the last aired on Time Warner.

CBS is still trying to resolve the situation and has set up a site at for you to voice your opinion and concerns on the matter.  Losing Big Brother and many other popular CBS shows would not be a good thing for Time Warner, so hopefully things get worked out.

Keep in mind if Time Warner does cut CBS, the live feeds will not be affected and you can still watch everything going on in the house 24/7.  We hope this situation can be resolved without anyone having to miss out, but we wanted to let you know about this situation so you can plan accordingly and stay connected with Big Brother.