BB15 Spoilers: Week 5 MVP and POV Results

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

BB15 Aaryn and Jessie BikinisOn Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 15, we saw that HOH Aaryn gave in to the pressure of the house (namely Amanda) and nominated Howard and Spencer for eviction. The X factor once again this week is the fact that America is the MVP and hence got to make the third nomination.  America proved they want to see a shakeup in the house by naming Amanda as the third houseguest on the block.

With the chance to make a huge move in the game, the POV competition had a lot on the line this week. The result saw what would have to be considered another underdog victory as Spencer won and was able to take himself off the block.  From there Aaryn had a second chance to make a big move, but again proved her fear for Amanda and her side of the house by nominating Candice as the replacement.

As things stand now, Amanda is pushing hard for everyone to get Howard out and it looks like that is what will happen.  Even Howard is going around telling people to vote him out instead of Candice.  One thing is for sure, if Amanda keeps dominating this game and no one stands up to her, this season is in dire trouble.  If Howard does indeed get evicted this week, Spencer or Candice winning HOH is the only way we still see things fire back up.  If not, they will be picked off by Amanda’s army and we will be left with very few fireworks.

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