BB15 Update: Ongoing HOH Endurance Competition

As seen on tonight’s CBS episode of Big Brother 15, we left off with the houseguests competing in an endurance competition. We will avoid posting further spoilers for those on the west coast who have yet to see the episode, but will update the post with results from the competition later tonight.

For those of you who want to watch the competition live, you can do so with the free trial of the live feeds and be the first to find out who the new HOH is.  Who will be the new HOH this week and will it finally shake the game up?  It’s going to be very interesting to how thing play out….check back tonight for more details!


**Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you wnat to be surprised

As promised we are back with the results of the endurance HOH competition, and in quite the shocking result, GinaMarie is the new HOH!  She probably would’ve been the last person we predicted, but she pulled it off and now has the power in the house this week.  The REAL question is if she will take the easy route and nominate Candice and Spencer, or will she be the one to step up and break up the McCrae/Amanda/Helen alliance.  It should be a very interesting week with the unpredictable GinaMarie in power.