BB15 Update: Wild Double Eviction Night Shakes Up the House!

The first double eviction of the Big Brother 15 season delivered the crazy on many fronts. This season has been dominated by one side of the house, and that pretty much continued last night with a shocking blindside that no one saw coming! 

The festivities kicked off with the first eviction of the night, and fireworks began during the last chance speech from Candice.  She brought up the derogatory remarks made by GinaMarie about her and it was on from there.  Candice and GM started jawing back and forth to the point that Julie almost couldn’t control the situation!  After all of that calmed down, as expected, Candice was evicted from the house.

Next up we had the HOH competition that was the “more or less” type trivia competition and Aaryn won her third HOH of the season.  Aaryn didn’t look happy about it because she obviously would have to make a hard decision on who to target.  She went the safe route by nominating Spencer and Jessie, and then it was time for POV. 

The POV competition was a short puzzle/race type competition, and Aaryn won that as well.  Aaryn has really proven her worth in winning competitions, like her or not.  Then came the big move.  She couldv’e kept it easy and kept noms the same, but as we saw the houseguests scrambling to talk her into something, it was obvious something was up.  We were in hopes she would drop the bomb on McCrae or Amanda, but as luck would have it, she took Jessie off the block and replaced her with JUDD!  Judd was obviously blindsided, as Aaryn stated it was “what the house wanted” and that she knew he had been “playing her.”

It was hard to watch as Judd looked to each houseguest in disbelief as he begged for them to keep him.  Pretty much the entire house was in tears (besides Helen who masterminded this) as they unanimously voted to evict Judd from the house.

It was a wild night without a doubt, but the craziness might not be over as Julie had more hints/news to deliver.  At the end of the episode, Julie informed the houseguests that the MVP twist was over and we are back to the traditional 2 nominees each week.  Second, Julie hinted that the summer wasn’t necessarily over for Candice and Judd – which leads us to believe we will see one of the jury members voted BACK into the house at some point.  All we know is, if it’s Candice, all hell could very well break loose once again!