BB15 Live Feed Update: Jessie Goes Rogue on the House!

We are about a month and a half into Big Brother 15, and for the past couple of weeks things have sadly become very stale.  The house has been dominated by one side (Helen/Amanda/McCrae etc.) which has lead to unanimous evictions and no shakeups.  Even when someone comes up with a plan for a big move, it seems to always be shot down in fear of repercussion.  Jessie has been one of the people trying to lead the charge recently but couldn’t get enough people in the house to grow a pair and do something.

Last night it all changed after Jessie overheard that she was the one actually going home even after Helen told her she was safe.  She confronted Helen over this and of course Helen did her usually backtracking and blatant lying, but Jessie was having none of it. The fact that Helen was obviously lying sent Jessie on a mission to find out the truth.

After their conversation Helen immediately ran to McCrae and Amanda to spill the beans as usual, but this time Jessie listened at the door and heard all of their plans.  The overheard conversation pretty much told Jessie how the entire house is being run; Helen’s lying, McCrae and Amanda aligned with Helen as the power couple, Andy lying to her about her not being the target, and Aaryn lying about being her friend and trying to help her stay.  At that point Jessie pretty much declared war on the house, and made sure to let us viewers know that we should tune in the next few days.

Since then, Jessie has been on a rampage of calling everyone in the house out and telling them how she feels.  She’s also telling everyone what the others have said about them.  Of course her plan it to pull an “Evel Dick” so to speak and terrorize her way into staying, but even if that doesn’t work this has been the most excitement and entertainment we’ve seen in weeks.  FINALLY someone is calling out Helen on all her lies and manipulation, and the house is in shock that finally someone is doing it.  She is also openly referring to Elissa as “Rachel’s shadow” and has gone at with Aaryn and exchanged “STFU’s” with her on more than one occasion.

Jessie is making waves by terrorizing everyone and it sounds like she plans to keep doing it this week.  If you haven’t already, now would be a good week to get the live feed free trial if you absolutely can’t stand Helen (or any of the other houseguests for that matter) because Jessie is dropping bombs on anyone and everyone every chance she gets!