BB15 Spoilers: A Jury Member Returns and a New HOH is Crowned

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

 Earlier tonight the Big Brother house was turned upside down as it was announced to the houseguests that the members of the jury would compete for the chance to re-enter the house and get a second chance at the game.  Helen was evicted from the house so she joined Judd, Jessie, and Candice as all 4 re-entered the house and joined their former houseguests before entering to compete in one of the highest stakes HOH competitions ever. 

After the brief reunion of the houseguests and the jury members, they headed to the backyard for a competition that was a twist on the old “stand on the wall” endurance competition.  The big change here was that the houseguests were having balls thrown at them as they stood on the wall and the first person to catch 10 balls would be the HOH.  The second factor here was that the 4 jury members were playing a bit of a separate game as the last one remaining would get to re-enter the house.  Finally, if a jury member not only outlasted the 3 others but ALSO was the first overall to get 10 balls, they would return AND be the HOH.

The first winner of the night was none other than……….JUDD.  That’s right, Judd outlasted the other jury members and is now BACK in the Big Brother 15 game.  Judd may have won his way back in, but he didn’t last until the end and beat the other houseguests.  That honor went to the new HOH for the week……Elissa!  Elissa is pretty much the only person that’s been in the house that is willing to shake things up, so this was a great win for the fans this week since we have a chance at seeing the monotony broken up.

The house is already scrambling to find out/sway how Elissa will handle her HOH; she’s let it be known that Aaryn is her target, but her strategy seems to have more to it….a possible mega-move on Amanda perhaps?  Oh the possibilities this week!  Be sure to get your free trial of the live feeds to follow all the action as it unfolds in the house!

  • Anonymous

    sad to see Helen evicted. Had high hopes for this one. I have lost interest in the show now:(