BB15 Spoilers: The Winner of the Egg HOH Competition is…

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised**

We are officially down to the final 7 for Big Brother 15 and tonight’s episode delivered in multiple ways.  First off Aaryn was evicted unanimously, which lead to her going face to face with Julie Chen who called her out on the racist remarks she made in the house after many audience members met Aaryn with a chorus of boos.  Julie read specific comments Aaryn has made out loud and gave her the chance to respond, which of course left Aaryn at a loss for words and had the audience laughing at every excuse she came up with.  After that fun was over, it was time for the HOH competition.

The competition was pretty similar to the one seen earlier this year on Big Brother Canada which saw the houseguests in a race to see who could move a number of eggs through wire first.  We can report that GinaMarie is the new HOH which should make for a VERY interesting week.  As seen on CBS, GinaMarie is part of the “Exterminators” alliance with Spencer, Judd, and Andy, and will most likely be aiming to finally break up “McCranda.”  Judging by he blowup seen on CBS earlier this week, Amanda vs. GinaMarie round 2 could make for some outstanding confrontations being GinaMarie will go nose to nose with Amanda and won’t back down like others have.  Of course Amanda is already assuming GM will do what she wants, but (hopefully) she will be in for a big surprise.

On a side note, Julie noted that the person who came in last in the competition would have to wear a chicken suit (voted on by America) for the 48 hours.  The lucky person who will be wearing the chicken suit will be none other than Judd **Edit – Spencer also has a chicken suit!**  GinaMarie battling Amanda, Judd in a chicken suit, sounds like a great week to us.  Also Julie informed us that next week will be the second double eviction of the season, which also has some explosive possibilities.  You can still sign up for a free trial of live feeds and see how the week unfolds with GinaMarie in position to make a huge game-changing move!