BB15 POV Spoilers – Will the Reign of “McCranda” Come to an End?

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

BB15 McCrandaLast week saw a memorable eviction as the controversial Aaryn Gries was sent packing and had to go face to face with Julie Chen about her racist remarks.  Aaryn’s eviction and response to Julie made headlines across the Internet, but back in the house it was GinaMarie’s HOH win that has made waves.  As seen Sunday on CBS, GinaMarie finally made the move that needed to be made in the house which was putting up Amanda and McCrae. Of course that move sent Amanda on the warpath as she immediately began working to save both herself and McCrae.  While the nominations were a big move, the POV competition is what really decides things and this week ultimately determined the fate of “McCranda.”

Going in to the POV, there was much discussion in the house about who the actual target was between Amanda and McCrae.  Of course Amanda has always been the one “wearing the pants” for the couple and being the most vocal, but the feeling was that McCrae was of course better at competitions and had a better chance at winning the game since he was more liked by everyone.  All of that conversation was null and void after McCrae ended up winning the POV!  With it being obvious McCrae would take himself off the block, Amanda went into damage control mode to get Elissa put up as the replacement nominee in hopes that she would have the votes against her.

After many back and forth conversations with Amanda literally begging and pleading with GinaMarie to put Elissa up as the replacement nominee, GinaMarie was having none of it as she put up Spencer to ensure Amanda is evicted this week.  With that move, it looks like Amanda’s rule of the house is most likely coming to an end this week and “McCranda” will be broken up.  Of course anything could change, but it looks like the entire house agrees that it’s time for Amanda to go, and the goal will be for McCrae to go out right behind her (which may be the same night being this week is double eviction.)

Amanda somehow managed to run the game for quite a while, but in the end her antics have become obvious to the others and this move will leave the final 5 houseguests to battle it out with no showmances involved.  Are you a fan of McCrae and Amanda’s time together in the house?  Or are you glad it looks like it’s finally coming to an end? 

Tune in to CBS Wednesday to see how the POV played out, and Thursday for the live DOUBLE eviction which will bring us down to the final FIVE houseguests.  You can also get the free trial of live feeds to watch the last few days of McCranda together in the Big Brother house.