BB15 Live Feed Update: Elissa Makes a Deal with the Devil

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

Just hours after we posted the results from this week’s POV competition and speculated on the likely breakup of the “McCranda” showmance in the house this week, the old Big Brother adage “Expect the Unexpected” once again became ever so true.  Since Amanda was put on the block with McCrae and now subsequently is on the block with Spencer, she has been hard at work to do whatever it takes to save herself.  Last night she campaigned to just about every person in the house, and the one houseguest we would’ve thought was least likely to actually change her mind about Amanda did just that.

Elissa and Amanda have been at odds for weeks now, with ups and downs that included Amanda harassing Elissa while she was HOH and throwing out every personal attack she could think of. The two have had periods where they seemed to make up, only to go right back to being at odds.  Last night as Amanda campaigned to Elissa, she brought up how she believed Spencer and Judd were working together (true) and how Elissa would be one of the next targets if Amanda goes this week.  Amanda also brought up how her and McCrae would work with Elissa if she saved her and how getting Spencer out would break up the other side of the house.  At the time, Elissa seemed disinterested, but after some time to think (and a possible trip to the DR according to other houseguests,) Elissa had a change of heart.

Elissa seemingly had a light bulb go off in her head that made her realize where things stand in the house and who is aligned with who.  She went back to Amanda and told her she is 100% voting to keep her this week and wants Spencer gone.  With this happening, and with McCrae’s vote, the ultimate decision comes down to Andy of all people.  Elissa shared her thoughts/plans with Andy who wouldn’t commit right away, but later he revealed the plan to the others so it looks like he won’t be changing his vote.  If the vote ends up 2/2, GinaMarie will make the eviction decision and of course send Amanda out still, which would still tell the house that Elissa changed her vote.

Just when we think things are calming down and wrapping up as the number of houseguests dwindle this season, things light up again and more drama is abound.  Will the new Amanda/Elissa alliance save Amanda?  Or will the Exterminators stay strong and get rid of Amanda as planned?  Follow it all live as it happens on the live feeds.