Live Feed Update: GinaMarie and Amanda Go Nose to Nose in Huge Fight!

**Warning – Spoilers ahead, don’t read if you want to be surprised.**

With less than 24 hours until the second double eviction of the season, things in the house are still explosive as ever as evident by another big blowup – this time between GinaMarie and Amanda which saw them throw every insult in the book at each other.  The basis of this confrontation was Amanda’s change in attitude after her deal with Elissa that we covered a couple of days ago.  Now that Amanda knows she has Elissa’s vote, she feels like she will be staying in the house and has suddenly been going around with somewhat of a smirk on her face; little does she know that it is Andy’s vote that will most likely send her packing as it appears he will be loyal to his “Exterminators” alliance.

The showdown began as a shouting match between Amanda and GinaMarie with both hurling every insult they could think of at each other.  GinaMarie hit Amanda with everything from her multiple past relationships, being pregnant while being cast for the show (she lost the baby,) hooking up with McCrae on night 1, having cellulite, being on medication….you name it!  Amanda fired back with insults about Nick (of course,) calling GinaMarie a psycho, calling out GM for being a 33 year old with tongue and “clit” piercings…..yeah, both went extremely hard on each other.  They finally went nose to nose challenging each other to “do something” before Judd stepped in and separated the two.  GinaMarie was ready to go all night with plenty of ammo, but Amanda finally backed off and went to cry in a corner.

Amanda was majorly pissed at McCrae for sitting there and not saying anything as she endured all the insults.  The rest of the guys sat around and tried to hold back laughter over the whole thing (GinaMarie was playing “Jenga” pretty much the entire time she was going at it with Amanda, which added some humor to the whole thing.)  Amanda called them all out for letting it take place, but in the end all of them claimed they didn’t want to be in the middle of it.

With Amanda feeling like she’s safe going into tonight’s double eviction only to be most likely blindsided by Andy’s vote, the fireworks will continue on as Amanda walks out the door without a doubt.  We’re not counting her out yet though, as she looks to have Elissa’s vote and has a chance to sway one more before eviction time.  Things will get REALLY crazy when it’s time for the second eviction of the night as there is no telling who will also leave the house tomorrow.  There is still time to get a free trial of the live feeds (Flashback to 11:20 pm on 9/5 to watch the fight in its entirety) to see where all the craziness goes next!